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Data protection and cybersecurity

As a global business, we collect, store, manage and transmit a substantial volume of data, including personal information to help us provide services to our customers. It is our responsibility to protect the privacy and maintain security of the data we hold, and we take that obligation seriously. We have established a dedicated Data Privacy team to implement an enterprise-wide strategy and governance, and regularly review our policies and processes to ensure compliance with international and domestic regulatory requirements, and industry best practice.

Read our Privacy policy

Like many large organisations, we face the everyday challenge of evolving cyber threats, where external attackers are continually adopting more sophisticated techniques. Emirates is constantly improving its cyber capabilities to enhance our protection against these attacks and safeguard access to the information we hold. We also invest resources to raise and expand employee awareness of data security risks, whilst emphasizing the need for shared vigilance on cyber issues through simulations and structured training.

Here’s what you can do, if you suspect Emirates has encountered a Cybersecurity issue.



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