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Feel refreshed on board

Our water-resistant amenity kits are filled with travel essentials to help you arrive feeling fresh, including a toothbrush and toothpaste, eye shade, socks and ear plugs. Use them again for your makeup, devices, as a travel wallet, washbag and more. You can enjoy our amenity kits on selected flights.

Feir Expo 2020 Dubai med våre produktpakker i Economy Class

Vi er stolte over å være partnere under regionens første verdensutstilling.

The big picture

We’ve captured the world expo’s subthemes of opportunity, sustainability, and mobility in our amenity kit designs. Samle alle seks sett for å se et komplett bilde som gjenspeiler samarbeidsånden i Expo 2020 – «Connecting Minds, Creating the Future».
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The bright cityscape of Dubai showcases a multicultural metropolis where anyone can learn, innovate and contribute to human progress.


The winding roadways and waterways display a city that connects people in better ways – highlighting visionary transportation, communication and infrastructure.


The emphasis on lush greenery showcases Dubai’s commitment to sustainable technologies, ensuring a rewarding tomorrow for future generations.

What is Expo 2020?

The world expo is held every five years and promotes a collective spirit across nations. Dubai’s Expo 2020 promises to be a global celebration and platform for creativity, innovation and collaboration. Take part in the collective spirit for a better tomorrow.