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Make Brex your corporate card for your business and automatically access the best rewards program for startups, small businesses and enterprises alike.  

If you are a Brex account holder, you can now convert your Brex rewards points into Skywards Miles to enjoy flights, upgrades and other exciting rewards.  

1 Brex rewards point = 1 Skywards Mile

Take Advantage

Convert 1 Brex rewards point into 1 Skywards Mile.

How to convert your points

Log on to Brex and choose Emirates Skywards as your preferred ‘Transfer to Miles’ partner. Add your details, quote your membership number and convert 500 or more Brex rewards points into Skywards Miles instantly.

Important information

  1. You are required to quote your Emirates Skywards membership number in order to complete a transfer.
  2. Your account-holder name must match between your Brex account and Emirates Skywards account.
  3. The Emirates Skywards membership number you enter during the redemption process must match the number on your Emirates Skywards account. Mismatched details may cause transfer failures or delays.
  4. Transfers may be made from Brex accounts to Emirates Skywards only. 
  5. The account holder and Emirates Skywards member must be the same person to complete a transfer. Supplementary cardholders cannot request transfers.
  6. Transfer service to Emirates Skywards is provided by a third-party administrator. By requesting the transfer of Brex rewards points to Emirates Skywards, you are authorising Brex to send certain information to Emirates Skywards and our third-party administrator, including your name, your Emirates Skywards membership number and the amount of Brex rewards points to transfer. 
  7. A minimum transfer of 500 Skywards Miles is required.
  8. Both the availability and transfer rates of Skywards Miles may vary and are subject to change without notice.
  9. Brex rewards points will be deducted from your account when the transfer request has been processed. Skywards Miles will be credited within 1 business day. 
  10. Once Brex rewards points are transferred, the expiry and value of transferred rewards are subject to the terms and conditions of Emirates Skywards.
  11. All Brex rewards points transfers to Emirates Skywards are final and cannot be cancelled or reversed. 
  12. Brex Rewards programme rules apply.
  13. Emirates Skywards Programme Rules apply.