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  • Book or reserve a hotel

    Find your ideal stay from more than 1.5 million properties around the world. We’ve teamed up with to offer you great rates at hotels, bed and breakfasts, boutique guesthouses and more. Book a hotel on its own or together with your flight, or add a hotel to your itinerary later through Manage Your Booking.
  • Car rental

    Enjoy taking things at your own pace. We’ve partnered with CarTrawler to help you find the best car rental rates in your destination and you can earn Skywards Miles at the same time. Book a car on its own, or add it to your flight itinerary at any time through Manage Your Booking.
  • Guides, tours, and attractions

    Start planning your activities with our city guides and book your tickets to must-see attractions through our partner GetYourGuide on Take advantage of special offers and earn Skywards Miles at the same time. You’ll have everything planned and ready for when you land.
  • Group travel

    If you’re traveling in a group of 10 or more people, we’ll help you to keep things simple and focus on enjoying the journey. Take advantage of straightforward group bookings, personalized services, help with visas and more. Whether you’re flying in a group to a wedding, a business conference, for Hajj, or another occasion, we’ll make sure everyone enjoys a smooth journey.