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Economy Class

Sit back, relax, and enjoy up to 3,500 channels of award-winning entertainment. Savor gourmet meals inspired by the region, and post social media updates in the air. Fill every moment with new experiences when you fly Economy Class.

Arrive at your destination refreshed

Celebrate Expo 2020 with our new amenity kits

Our water-resistant amenity kits are filled with travel essentials to help you arrive feeling fresh. And we’ve captured the collaborative spirit of the Expo in our new amenity kit designs.

Each kit represents one of the subthemes of Dubai’s Expo 2020. Collect all six and bring them together to create one complete image. You can enjoy our amenity kits in Economy Class on selected flights.

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Keep warm, sleep tight

Taking responsible travel to new heights

You can now get cozy under our environmentally friendly, soft fleece blankets on select flights while you watch a film on ice. Our new blankets have been on a journey of their own before they reach your flight to help you arrive well rested.

Each blanket features ecoTHREAD™ innovation, made using 28 recycled plastic 400 ml bottles, transformed into a fine thread. This means you can rest on board in comfort, safe in the knowledge that when you fly with us, together we’re looking after our planet.

Experience a journey in a class of its own

Our Economy Class comes without compromise

Sit back in comfortable seats and enjoy the attention to detail that makes our flights unique.

All of our A380s and most of our Boeing 777s have Wi-Fi and in-seat power, so you can stay connected when you fly. You can even make calls to people on the ground, thanks to our mobile phone and data roaming services.

Relax to the latest tunes, or explore new worlds with our award-winning ice inflight entertainment on your personal screen. Experience ambient lighting throughout your flight, and ample legroom means you arrive ready to take on the day.

Taste the flavors of your destination

Dine on gourmet dishes inspired by the region

Start exploring your destination before you’ve even arrived with delicious dishes from the heart of the region’s culture.

Choose from our menu of long-time favorites and new creations, filled with the global flavors that get people talking. Tell us if you have a special diet, and we’ll serve you a meal that’s right for you. Match your meal with a glass of wine, or choose from our range of complimentary beers, spirits, and hot and cold beverages.

Our inflight meal service is tailored to your journey time, and we serve children first so you can enjoy your meal knowing they’re looked after.

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Your window into new worlds

Explore more than 3,500 channels of entertainment

Fall in love with a classic romance. Lose yourself in the latest edge-of-the-seat thriller. Let our inflight entertainment take you to places you won’t find on a map.

Choose from top movies and must-see TV shows, on demand and in multiple languages on your personal screen. Listen to music, or test your skills with our range of fun games. Witness breaking news or cheer on your team with ice TV Live on select aircraft. Create your personal playlist of favorites on our award-winning entertainment system, ice.

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[Ice] With so much entertainment available—seriously, there’s tons—we’ve selected the top 5 to help you get started. iCE. [Ice Top 5] ICE TOP 5


1940, France is falling to Nazi invaders. The British turn to the man who might be their last hope, Winston Churchill. Gary Oldman is unrecognizable in his Golden Globe–winning performance as the storied prime minister. Darkest Hour is a powerhouse flick that can’t be missed.

You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth.


From the Oscar-nominated director of Leviathan, Loveless—the winner of the jury prize at Cannes—is a tragic story of an already fractured family thrown into crisis when a young son goes missing. A stark look at modern life in Russia, these performances speak for themselves.


Kings fall and war returns in the latest series of Gomorrah. The breakout Italian hit, highly lauded as the best Mafia show since the Sopranos, explores the gritty power struggles within the Gomorrah mafia. YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BRING HIM BACK ALIVE.


Everything in nature is folded, from mountains to blossoms to the human brain. Now scientists of almost every discipline are embracing the origami principle to help uncover the mysteries of our world and build its future.



Hip hop icon Pharrell Williams rejoins Chad Hugo and Shay Haley for the first N.E.R.D album in 7 years, with appearances by Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, and Ed Sheeran. This record was worth the wait.

[Man walks through courtyard]

We’ve only just scratched the surface of all the amazing entertainment available. CHECK OUT YOUR ICE GUIDE Grab your iCE guide from your seat pocket for the complete lineup of INCREDIBLE ENTERTAINMENT, including a list of the more than 40 available languages. UP TO 40 LANGUAGES AVAILABLE All this month on iCE. ICE

Boredom is grounded

Young flyers get special attention on our flights

With special meals, toys, and dedicated children’s ice channels, we encourage curious minds and inspire tomorrow’s explorers.

Children will love our nonstop entertainment, from cartoons to Disney classics. Young flyers can make new friends with our Fly With Me Animals, while our Lonely Planet Kids packs for older children will inspire them to explore more of the world.

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