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City breaks and weekend trips

Check a culture capital off your bucket list with an action-packed city break in one of our urban destinations.

City destinations have a little something for everyone, from fine dining to street food, upscale hotels to hostel vibes, and park lounging to incredible art shows and museums. The best thing about city breaks is that you can book a short weekend getaway or a week-long stay—either way, there’s plenty of places to stay and eat and lots to do.

Whether it’s the world-famous sights of London, the quirky backstreets and big name attractions of Tokyo, or the familiar pleasures of New York, our city break destinations are calling out for you to indulge and explore.

Consistently ranked as one of Australia’s most livable cities, Adelaide’s pristine beaches and laid-back attitude won’t disappoint.
Laid-back and liberal, Amsterdam boasts a vibrant entertainment scene, vast green spaces, and some of the world's most famous museums.
New Zealand
A paradise for those who love the great outdoors, Auckland’s unique geography makes it a must-visit for any traveler.
Travelers on flights to Bangkok can expect a city of contrasts, where skyscrapers and five-star hotels tower over ancient temples.
Can’t choose between a beach holiday and a city break? Hop on a flight to Barcelona and you’ll get both.
Beirut is a holiday destination unlike any other, a place where you can spend the morning skiing and the afternoon relaxing on beautiful beaches.
United States
Boston is a potent mix of American history, working-class traditions, and cutting-edge chic.
"Booming Brisbane," as it’s often called, is one of Australia’s hippest destinations, thanks to its thriving cafe culture, arts, and nightlife scenes.
You won’t find yourself short of things to do in Brussels, a city filled with distinguished architecture, legendary art museums, and gorgeous eateries.
Traditional attractions, a buzzing nightlife scene, and a fascinating history ensure there are plenty of things to do in Budapest.
Pack your dancing shoes for flights to Buenos Aires. History buffs, tango aficionados, art connoisseurs, and architecture lovers won’t be disappointed.
South Africa
From awe-inspiring beaches to five-star hotels, and gourmet cuisines to thrilling adventures, a visit to Cape Town won’t disappoint.
With its hot climate, fascinating culture, and tasty cuisine, it should come as no surprise that Chennai is one of India’s most-visited cities.
United States
Chicago is the type of city where you can go for a weekend or a month and you'll be enchanted either way.
United States
Experience cowboy culture, southern hospitality, and dazzling skyscrapers in this bustling metropolis. Be charmed by Dallas-Fort Worth, a tale of two cities.
United Arab Emirates
In just over 40 years, Dubai has become the face of modernity, where architectural wonders preside over glittering seas and record-breaking malls.
From intimate streets to exciting, modern architectural developments, flights to Düsseldorf provide a fascinating peek into Germany.
A diplomatic hub, Geneva is also a magnet for tourists who come to explore this seat of power and its picturesque setting.
World-class cuisine, history, and a vibrant counterculture—to put it simply, Hamburg has something for all ages and tastes.
Hanoi, the bustling capital of Vietnam, is a draw for more reasons than we can enumerate in this small space.
Hong Kong, China
United States
Simultaneously a rodeo town, arts destination, space travel innovator, and hip foodie destination, Houston is many things to its numerous visitors.
Visit Istanbul to discover an incredibly diverse destination where age-old sites sit amid bustling bazaars and high-end restaurants.
Kuala Lumpur isn't just the largest city in Malaysia, but one of the most exciting in the world.
Visit Portugal’s capital to explore a destination that effortlessly blends fascinating, Old World charm with stunning modernity.
United Kingdom
Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Underground—it’s no wonder London remains one of the world’s most sought-after travel destinations.
United States
From world-class art museums to flawless independent eateries, and from classic Hollywood landmarks to exciting outdoor pursuits, LA, as the locals call it, has it all.
Once one of France’s best-kept secrets, Lyon offers remarkable food, fantastic culture, gorgeous climate, and fascinating history.
If you’re catching flights to Madrid, bring your appetite—the city is filled with art, architecture, atmosphere, and amazing food.
United Kingdom
From world-changing history to ground-breaking music, visit Manchester to experience a city that never disappoints.
Anything goes in Melbourne, a city that effortlessly blends a cosmopolitan feel with a little bit of the Aussie outback.
Flights to Mexico City take you on an adventure of the senses, with sights, sounds and tastes, both familiar and new.
United States
Flights to Miami bring you to a vibrant coastal city with iconic art deco buildings, stunning beaches, tropical gardens and incredible food.
Flights to Milan will bring you to a city that is constantly evolving, with new attractions popping up seemingly overnight.
This vibrant city is the largest in the French-speaking province of Québec, located at the confluence of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers.
United States
The Big Apple, where countless iconic landmarks, cultural cornerstones, and foodie havens create one eclectic, heady mix.
United Kingdom
From its elegant architecture to its energetic nightlife, Newcastle upon Tyne is one of the UK’s most exciting cities.
Nice’s reputation was built largely on its weather; its long, hot summers and mild winters make it a perfect destination.
United States
Visit Orlando, arguably the world’s most fun-filled city, to enjoy some of the world’s most iconic theme parks, plus so much more.
Osaka houses more than enough luxury hotels, restaurants, and other attractions to keep even the most itchy-footed of travelers entertained.
One of the world’s most loved cities, Paris offers architectural wonders, gourmet food, and unparalleled artistic treasures.
The list of things to do in Perth is long, from enjoying one of the city's 19 beaches to sipping a delectable coffee.
Chances are, from the moment your flight to Rio de Janeiro touches down, the fun will find you.
Whether your passion is paintings or pizza, Rome will have something to whet your appetite.
United States
San Francisco is a city full of contradictions, and that’s what makes it such an interesting travel destination.
Korea, Republic of
South Korea might be known as the Land of the Morning Calm, but there’s nothing low-key about its buzzing capital.
Singapore has reinvented itself as a buzzing metropolis; get ready for its stunning architecture, natural beauty, and countless culinary offerings.
There’s no doubt about it: the Swedish capital is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
There’s no shortage of beauty in Sydney—from the Harbour Bridge and iconic Opera House to the verdant Royal Botanic Garden.
It’s true that flights to Tel Aviv bring you to a party destination by the sea. But that’s just one aspect of the city’s vibrant personality.
Tokyo’s pedestrian-filled intersections, neon-lit night scenes, and themed eateries are legendary, as is this buzzing city’s contagious energy.
Big sights and great food will pull you in, but Toronto’s vibrant neighborhoods and friendly locals will keep you coming back.
There’s something effortlessly magical and romantic about Venice’s palazzo-lined canals, bridges, maze-like side streets, and, of course, singing gondoliers.
In Vienna, a rich history and exciting future combine to make one fascinating destination.
Visit Warsaw to experience one of Europe’s most exciting up-and-coming cities.
United States
In a word, Washington, DC, is monumental, holding an important place in American history and teeming with iconic landmarks.