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Partnership with Austrian Railways Company (ÖBB)

Rail & Fly in Austria

Travel to or from over 1,000 stations across Austria thanks to our partnership with Austrian Railways Company (ÖBB).

We’ve partnered with ÖBB to make your transfer to or from Vienna International Airport stress-free. When you book your train ticket at the same time as your Emirates flight, you’ll enjoy attractive rates to and from most major cities in Austria.

Enjoy the convenience of one booking that takes you seamlessly between destinations around Austria and more than 150 Emirates destinations worldwide.

ÖBB’s major citiesRailway station codes
Saint PoltenPOK

How to book

When booking your journey online, you have two options to book your train ticket together with your Emirates flight (depending on your selected origin or destination in Austria).

When your origin or destination is one of the seven major cities listed in the table above, simply select the respective city – as you would if you were booking a normal flight.

If you’re booking through an Emirates office or travel agent, ask them to add the Rail & Fly service for you before they complete your booking.

Before your departure

You’ll need to check in for your train journey online or at one of the ÖBB-Reisezentrum ticket offices within 72 hours of your train’s departure and print your rail boarding pass. You’ll need to show the boarding pass to the conductor, along with your ID. If you don't have a rail boarding pass, you will be asked to buy another ticket.

During your journey

If you’re flying in Economy Class, your train journey will be in Second Class. When you fly First Class or Business Class, train travel will be in First Class and you’ll also get complimentary access to ÖBB lounges at all major stations.

Term and conditions of our Rail & Fly service

  • Tickets for travel on the rail sectors must be issued in conjunction with Emirates flight sectors on the same ticket.
  • The standard Emirates ticketing policy applies with regard to the fare rules for the rebooking and cancellation of train segments.
  • Rail journeys are valid on all ÖBB trains except EN-Euro Night.
  • The train ticket is valid on the ÖBB train shown on the Emirates booking. In addition, passengers may use alternative ÖBB trains from the booked main city to Vienna International Airport (VIE) and vice versa, as well as trains from any ÖBB train station within the booked province to Vienna International Airport (VIE) and vice versa. The selected train has to arrive at Vienna International Airport (VIE) before or at least at the same time as the originally booked train.
  • Traveling only from Vienna main station to Vienna International Airport (VIE) is not possible.
  • Bookings from Graz and Klagenfurt to Vienna International Airport (VIE) and vice versa might require a change of train at Wien Hauptbahnhof.
  • The train ticket is valid on the day before and the day of the outbound flight from Vienna. For passengers arriving in Vienna, the ticket is valid on the day of and the day after the inbound flight.
  • If the ÖBB train is delayed and causes a missed connection to the outbound flight, Emirates will rebook the passenger to the next possible flight. The rebooking of the Emirates flight is only possible for delays of the booked train (as shown on the Emirates booking) and trains with an earlier or equal estimated arrival time at Vienna International Airport (VIE) as the booked train. If a disruption to an inbound flight causes a missed connection with the booked train, ÖBB will place passengers on the next available train.
  • Emirates Economy Class passengers travel in second class on the ÖBB train. The first class on the ÖBB trains is designated for Emirates Business and First Class passengers. The train segment may not be upgraded.
  • Emirates Business and First Class passengers receive complimentary access to ÖBB lounges at the major train stations in Austria. Please find the locations and opening times of the lounges at an external website in a new tab)
  • ÖBB will honor EK baggage allowances on its trains. No check-in is required for the luggage on the train segment.
  • The ÖBB rail boarding pass is not part of the Emirates boarding pass. Passengers must check in separately for the train segment before the train departure. There are two options to check in and obtain an ÖBB rail boarding pass: Check in online at an external website in a new tab) or check in at the ÖBB-Reisezentrum ticket offices (check availability on an external website in a new tab)). The printed or electronic ÖBB rail boarding pass must be presented on board the train, along with a valid ID.
  • Seat reservations on ÖBB trains are not included. However, passengers can reserve a seat(Opens an external website in a new tab) at an additional cost online or free of charge at ÖBB-Reisezentrum ticket offices. Seat reservation does not replace the need to check in for the train segment.