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Extra comforts on your journey

We’ve thought of a few extra comforts to help you relax, sleep better and arrive refreshed. Have a look at our comfort items to enjoy on the flight and to take with you when you land.
First Class comforts
  • Byredo skincare collection

    Relax a little more with every product in our luxury Byredo set, featuring a skincare collection made exclusively for our flights. This allergy-free collection hydrates and soothes your skin with vitamins, amino acids and chamomile extracts. And the sleep oil and pillow mist will help you drift off to a restful sleep.

  • Bowers & Wilkins E1 headphones

    Experience superior quality sound using our premium Bowers & Wilkins E1 headphones. The world-renowned British sound experts have created these headphones exclusively for our flights, using noise-canceling technology to block out ambient cabin sounds and deliver the cleanest output. Choose a movie, order a snack and immerse yourself in entertainment.

Exclusive A380 Shower Spa products

Check in to our A380 Shower Spa when you fly in First Class and select your favorite fragrances from our exclusive Voya spa products. 

Choose aromas to help you feel energized (rosemary and mint), tranquil (lavender and rosemary) or soothed (lime and mandarin)—ready for your arrival or a restful sleep. Voya uses the natural nourishment of sustainable and organic seaweed, hand-harvested in Sligo, Ireland, to create a range of luxury spa products. 

Enjoy our hand and body creams, hair products and body wash made exclusively for our flights.

  • A better night’s sleep

    Our little kit of bedtime comforts will help you enjoy a better rest. 

    Our Hydra Active pajamas are made from a special material that releases natural moisturizers when you move. They’re infused with vitamin E and olive oil to help your skin stay softer, moisturized and protected as you sleep. The patented Microcapsule Technology locks in the natural benefits so you can take the pajamas home, wash them and use them again. 

    Your kit also includes an eye mask and starting December 2023, we’re also introducing an enhanced pair of comfy slippers. 

    Available on selected routes depending on flight duration, aircraft type, model and configuration.

  • Exclusive Bulgari amenity kits

    Arrive refreshed from your long‑haul flight with our exclusive Bulgari amenity kits. The new collection from the luxury Italian brand includes four elegant kit designs to collect and take with you on your travels. 

    The men’s chestnut brown, faux leather kit contains a 30 ml Le Gemme Kobraa fragrance and a Bulgari aftershave balm. The women’s champagne-bronze kits feature the Le Gemme Orom fragrance and an elegant, gold-lacquered Bulgari mirror.

    Every collectible design contains scented Bulgari moisturizers and lip balm, and are packed with all your pamper essentials in elegant pouches you can use again.

    Available on selected routes depending on flight duration, aircraft type, model and configuration.
Business Class comforts
  • Exclusive Bulgari kits

    There are four fresh Bulgari amenity kit designs in the new collection – two for men and two for women.

    The men’s chestnut-brown fabric kits feature a 30 ml Bulgari Man In Black fragrance along with Bulgari shaving balm, body lotion and lip balm. For women, the cream, faux leather pouches have pops of coral to reflect the Bulgari Omnia Coral fragrance. They also contain Bulgari face and body lotion, Bulgari lip balm and an additional hand mirror.

    Other essentials include a dental kit, deodorant, earplugs, a foldaway hairbrush and more. Collect each exclusive design to use again on your travels.

    Available on selected routes depending on flight duration, aircraft type, model and configuration.
  • New loungewear made from botanic fibers

    We’re bringing even more comfort to Business Class with soft sleepwear sets on long-haul flights. The new loungewear is made from modal—a premium, breathable fabric made using botanic fibers. They come in two sizes in a drawstring pouch that you can take home with you. 

    Starting December 2023 on selected routes, we’re introducing comfy slippers and an eye mask made from the same modal fabric. 

    Available on selected routes depending on flight duration, aircraft type, model and configuration.
Economy Class and Premium Economy comforts
  • United for Wildlife amenity kits

    Collect all eight of our wildlife amenity kits when you travel on our long-haul flights. They contain essentials to help you freshen up before your arrival. 

    Each kit features a wild animal and carries an important message in support of United for Wildlife, raising awareness of our fight against the illegal wildlife trade.

    Learn more

    Available on selected routes depending on flight duration, aircraft type, model and configuration.

  • Blankets and pillows

    Recline as you watch a movie and snuggle with a pillow under your soft blanket. And if you’d like an eye mask to help you get some sleep, just ask your cabin crew.

    Our blankets are made from thread created from recycled plastic bottles and woven into a soft and warm fabric.

Disclaimer: Emirates operates a mixed fleet of earlier and later models of A380 and B777 aircraft. Products, services and features on actual flights may vary depending on routes and aircraft configuration. Operational requirements may also cause last-minute changes to the aircraft used on scheduled flights. If you have questions about our products or have specific requirements, please contact us before booking a flight.