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Flights to London Heathrow

Flights to London Heathrow connect you to the heartland of the United Kingdom, London. Heathrow Airport welcomes over 200,000 passengers on an average day, making it the biggest airport in London and the seventh busiest in the world.

Located just 24 kilometers (15 mi) off the west of Central London, you can easily reach Heathrow Airport by road and public transport. By road, the best route is to take the M25 and then on to the M4 motorway. Or skip the stress altogether, and just take a taxi to the airport. There are hundreds of taxi companies in and around London serving Heathrow Airport.

Since its opening in 1929, the airport has expanded to include two runways and five terminals—passengers and commercial airlines use Terminal 2 to Terminal 5.

Emirates flights depart and arrive at Terminal 3 at Heathrow. In fact, if you’re flying First Class or Business Class on Emirates, you can look forward to relaxing at the Emirates Lounge located in the same terminal.

Despite the airport being spread across 1,227 hectares, you’ll find that traveling from one terminal to the next is easy thanks to the Heathrow Free Travel Zone. Terminals 2 and 3 are within walking distance, but you can also travel by bus or train between the four terminals for free.

Whether you’ve just arrived, are in transit, or have some time to spare before your flight, Heathrow Airport offers you ample opportunity for shopping, dining, and relaxing. Shop for last-minute gifts and souvenirs at the duty free, or splurge on luxury brands at boutiques located across the terminals. Eat a hearty all-day breakfast at a local bistro, or dine on gourmet food at a celebrity chef’s restaurant located inside the airport. And just before your flight, why not grab a hot cup of coffee from one of the many coffee shops.

Emirates operates weekly flights between Dubai International (DXB) and London Heathrow (LHR).

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