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Interline partnership with Deutsche Bahn

Partnership with Deutsche Bahn

Thanks to our partnership with Deutsche Bahn, you are able to combine flight and rail to make your journey even more comfortable.

You have two options to plan and book your Emirates flight together with a Deutsche Bahn train ticket.

Book your complete journey from select German train stations to your destination (interline)

Book your complete journey in one procedure from several major German train stations via Frankfurt directly to your final destination. You can choose one of the following train stations:

Applicable StationCodeApplicable StationCode

How to book

When booking your journey, simply select the respective city as the departure or destination city as you would if you were booking a normal flight. You’ll find a combination of trains and flights that match your search criteria. We also made sure you have enough time at Frankfurt International Airport to arrive, get to Terminal 2 and check in.

Before your departure

You’ll need to check in for your train journey online at within 72 hours of your train’s departure and print your rail boarding pass. You’ll need to show the boarding pass to the conductor, along with your ID. If you don't have a rail boarding pass, you will be asked to buy another ticket.

General check-in process

  • Open the website
  • Enter your name and either your flight e-ticket number or record locator.
  • Choose whether your trip is outbound or inbound. You can add up to four passengers if they are using the same train for the entire route and are listed in the same flight booking.
  • Choose your train connection (this is pre-selected for interline travel).
  • Confirm your booking.
  • Check your email inbox and download your train ticket.

During your journey

If you’re flying in Economy Class, your train journey will be in Second Class. When you fly First Class or Business Class, your train travel will be in First Class.

Terms and conditions for your interline journey on Deutsche Bahn

  • Tickets for travel on the rail sectors must be issued in conjunction with Emirates flight sectors on the same ticket.
  • The standard Emirates ticketing policy applies with regard to the fare rules for the rebooking and cancellation of train segments.
  • The train ticket is valid on the booked Deutsche Bahn train (as shown on the Emirates booking).
  • In case the Deutsche Bahn train is delayed and causes a missed connection to the outbound flight (from Germany), please reach out to Emirates to be rebooked on the next possible flight. If a disruption to an inbound flight (into Germany) causes a missed connection with the booked train, Deutsche Bahn will accept passengers on the next available train.
  • Deutsche Bahn will honor Emirates’ baggage allowance on its trains.
  • Baggage will not be through-checked by Deutsche Bahn onto Emirates or vice versa and passengers are responsible for carrying their bags on and off the train.
  • The printed or electronic Deutsche Bahn rail boarding pass and flight ticket must be presented on board the train with a valid ID card.
  • Seat reservations on Deutsche Bahn trains are not included.

Get your train ticket after booking an Emirates flight (Rail & Fly)

After booking your flight, you can log in to Manage your booking to get your Rail & Fly ticket, which is valid one day before your flight at all Deutsche Bahn train stations on all Deutsche Bahn trains to your chosen departure airport in Germany.