Baggage Allowances and Rules

Find out what you can bring before you fly

Allowances may vary depending on route, class of travel, Emirates Skywards® and Qantas Frequent Flyer membership tier and the operators of any codeshare flights on your itinerary.

Flight Summary
Number of bags allowedtwo
Standard allowance per bag32 kgs
Maximum allowance per passenger2 bag(s) of 32 kgs each

Purchase additional baggage allowance online.

Passengers may purchase additional checked baggage allowance online at a 10% discount when managing an existing booking. Prices are subject to applicable taxes.

Purchase online:USD 158 per piece weighting 23 kgs (all cabin classes)
Purchase at the airport:USD 175 per piece weighting 23 kgs (all cabin classes)

Excess baggage rates at the airport

Price per piece: USD 175 

Use our baggage allowance calculator to check the fees for bringing excess baggage. You can pay these fees at the airport check-in counter.

Piece concept

Total dimensions (length + width + height) of each piece must not exceed 150 cm (59 inches). Customers with individual items exceeding these dimensions up to 300 cm (118 inches) will be charged an additional fee. Individual items with total dimensions exceeding 300 cm (118 inches) cannot be transported as checked baggage and must be sent as cargo or freight.

For customers with two pieces of luggage in all three classes, the total combined dimensions of both pieces should not exceed 300 cm (118 inches).

Baggage policy for Africa

The baggage policy for itineraries originating in Africa changed on April 15, 2016. For more details, please visit our baggage policy for Africa FAQ page.

  • These allowances apply to adults and children over two years old. Find out more about additional allowances for passengers traveling with infants.
  • Dubai Civil Aviation prohibits the acceptance of any one piece of baggage weighing more than 32 kg (70 lbs) into, out of, or via Dubai International Airport.
  • Please note these excess baggage rates apply to Emirates flights only.
  • The Emirates baggage allowance applies to Emirates-operated flights only. If your trip includes travel on an airline other than Emirates, including an Emirates codeshare flight operated by another airline, that operating airline may offer a lower baggage allowance. You are advised to check with that airline on its allowance.

**The checked baggage allowance and excess baggage rates calculator is for your information only. Overweight and oversize charges might apply. Please contact your local Emirates office for more information.

Cabin baggage allowance

You may board with two pieces of carry-on baggage: one briefcase plus either one handbag or one garment bag, all subject to the following size and weight limitations:

BriefcaseHandbagGarment bag
Briefcase: length 45 centimeters by height 35 centimeters by width 20 centimeters (length 18 inches by height 14 inches by width 8 inches)Handbag: length 55 centimeters by height 38 centimeters by width 20 centimeters (length 22 inches by height 15 inches by width 8 inches)Garment bag: 20 cm (8 inches) thick when folded

The weight of each piece must not exceed 7 kg (15 lbs). While duty-free purchases of liquor, cigarettes, and perfume in reasonable quantities are also permitted in addition to the above, exceptions apply with new liquid restrictions in place.

Wheeled Bags

Please note that rolling bags with built-in wheels and retractable handles will be permitted as cabin baggage only if the total dimensions (length, width, and height) add up to less than 114 cm (45 inches). The larger, overnight models of this type of bag will not be permitted in the cabin.

Traveling with Infants

For infant food and other in-flight necessities, passengers in any class of service who are traveling with an infant are permitted one additional piece of carry-on baggage, subject to the following size and weight limitations:

Handbag: length 55 centimeters by height 38 centimeters by width 20 centimeters (length 22 inches by height 15 inches by width 8 inches)

Weight must not exceed 5 kg (11 lbs).

Passengers traveling with infants are also permitted one carry-cot or one fully collapsible stroller as a carry-on item, if cabin space is available, or else as checked baggage in the hold.