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There's more than one flight in my itinerary. Do I have to pay to choose a seat for each flight?

If your itinerary includes connecting flights or stops where you leave the airport, you will be able to select and pay for a seat on each leg of your journey.

For example, on Mumbai (BOM)–New York (JFK), you’d need to pay for seat selection on the short-haul flight from Mumbai (BOM)–Dubai (DXB) and also on the long-haul flight from Dubai (DXB)–New York (JFK).

If any of the flights in your itinerary has a technical stop—one where you don’t leave the airport—you will be able to select only one seat for all the legs sharing the same flight number.

For example, if you are flying between Dubai and Christchurch on EK412, your flight will stop in Sydney. You will be able to select only one seat for the full journey between Dubai and Christchurch, provided there are no voluntary stops taken at Sydney.