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The Emirates App

Get more information on the move with our app. Learn more about The Emirates App

Our information pages are the i in ice. Find out what’s happening in your world right now with news and sports text headlines. Or see exactly where you are on the journey with our dynamic map. Switch between our external cameras to admire the view outside the plane. You can also explore our information pages to learn more about us and our home city, Dubai.

Airshow moving map

Follow your flight over oceans and mountains on our on-screen map, and see exactly where you are in the world. Get the weather report, the estimated time we’ll arrive, and other flight data to your screen. You can listen to your music, radio, or podcasts uninterrupted while you explore.

News and sports headlines

Find out what’s happening in the world right now with text headlines from BBC News. We update the stories regularly via satellite directly from the BBC News website. You can also read news from Reuters in German, French, and Arabic. Follow your top team or sporting hero through text updates of all the action from Sport 360.

Onboard cameras

Forget the window seat—the best views in the plane are from our onboard cameras. Enjoy the pilots’ view with our forward camera, or look directly below with our downward camera. And on our double-decker A380 aircraft, we have a third tailfin camera, giving you views over the aircraft and through the clouds.

Open Skies

Pick up your copy of Open Skies from your seat pocket and get inspired by a great inflight read. Our award-winning monthly magazine is your guide to what’s happening in the world right now.