The Emirates Vintage Collection

Our prestigious vintage wines have been in storage for up to 15 years, and now you can savor them on selected routes.

Take a tour of the Bordeaux region as you sample our Château Margaux 1998, 2001 Château Mouton Rothschild, 2004 Château Cheval Blanc, and Château Haut Brion 2004. The collection has now reached optimal maturity, developing complex flavors and silky smooth tannins.

These profound wines marry well with simple dishes like braised beef short rib and grilled courgette or seared beef fillet with creamy mashed potato. Ask our crew for pairing recommendations on board.

Find your perfect match

Whether you prefer a crisp, citrusy white or a full-flavored red, choose a fine wine from our carefully created list to complement the flavors of your meal.

We select our wines from world-class vineyards in France, Germany, the US, South Africa, and New Zealand. We choose these wines not only for their flavor, but because they maintain their quality in the cabin environment. Explore our wine list, which includes vintages and limited editions, and let us pour you a glass whenever the mood takes you.

Expect wines served at their best.

We choose wines that are versatile, which means they’re easy to pair with the wide range of meals on our menus.

When we create our lists, we aim to include both Old World and New World wines and to offer you a range of distinctly different tastes. We also make an effort to source the favorite wines of the region. And when we serve your wine, we’re careful about the way each bottle is opened, poured, and presented, so you can savor it at its best.

Raise a glass of fine Champagne.

When you fly First Class with us, you can enjoy the very best wines and Champagnes from our cellar, including the latest vintage from Dom Pérignon, the 2006.

Sit back and let us pour you a glass when you arrive on board. The Champagne opens with a bright bouquet, blending into a floral and fruity taste. As the flavors develop, you can enjoy candied fruit and toasted notes, along with hints of licorice. This round, complex Champagne is silky, melting into a finishing bitterness with a hint of saltiness.


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Find out how we source ingredients, design our menus and create our recipes. You can even try our recipes out yourself with our video tutorials. And follow us to Bordeaux to learn how we select just the right wines to match our menus.

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