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Flights to Pakistan

Events have hindered progress in Pakistan’s tourism industry, but if you do decide to make the journey to this beautiful country, a trip of a lifetime awaits.

Broadly speaking, while they are conservative in nature, you’ll find Pakistan’s residents welcoming and eager to chat about your trip (as well as the fortunes of your country’s cricket team). The national language is Urdu, but English is the official language and about half the population speak it.

While the capital, Islamabad, and its ever-merging twin Rawalpindi are often seen as starting points for further exploration, the city of Lahore is a cultural hotspot and also boasts some of the most beautiful gardens and buildings in country. There’s plenty to see and do, too; book tickets to a cricket match and cheer along with Pakistan’s most passionate sports fans. Or, for a really unique experience, book a film tour to see local movies being made.

The country's former capital, Karachi, is an intense place to visit, a vast metropolis almost tearing at the seams of its bustling infrastructure, but it’s worth visiting for an insight into the development of modern Pakistan.

For history buffs, Shah Faisal Mosque, located at the base of the Margalla Hills, is one of the largest and most unusual mosques in the region; the 13th-century Baltit Fort and the Swat Museum are also worth visiting. Embrace your inner Indiana Jones and explore some archaeological ruins by heading to Mohenjo-daro. While Pakistan’s modern cities and historical sights are all reasons to visit, one of the biggest draws is its natural beauty. For a truly spectacular sight, add Kaghan Valley to your itinerary and make a point of seeing Lake Saiful Muluk. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, the reflection of the bright sun on the surface of the lake is nothing less than spectacular.

Our destinations in Pakistan
Ringed by verdant hills, Islamabad offers intriguing history, breathtakingly brilliant cuisine, and a wide range of hotel options that are sure to impress.
Your stay in cricket-crazy Karachi can be what you make of it: exciting, commercial, or historical.
Lahore is Pakistan’s unrivaled cultural center and the perfect place to lose yourself in history and indulge in some fantastic Pakistani food.
Islamabad may be Pakistan's capital, but Peshawar is known to be one of its liveliest and most intriguing cities.
Discover Sialkot, a vibrant city hidden within an eclectic landscape.

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