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Book a flight to Cyprus and pack for sun, sea, and sand—but remember to plan a few days for adventure.

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Cyprus has a well-deserved reputation as a sunny beach resort, thanks to an abundance of coastal areas, such as Larnaka, that make lounging as effortless as it should be. Then there are the party centers, such as Ayia Napa, which continue to attract party goers as well as youngsters on their first vacation abroad. But there is far more than just sun, sea, and sand waiting for you when you book a flight to Cyprus.

As the crossing between Turkish and Greek Cyprus becomes increasingly easy, there has never been a better time to visit the beautiful island. Few countries give the option to visit two capital cities just by walking down a street, as Cyprus does in Nicosia.

History and culture buffs are spoiled for choice when it comes to sites and museums to explore. Byzantine churches, Phoenician tombs, and Roman mosaics are dotted throughout the country. Check out Pafos, home to some of the most incredible historical attractions, including the iconic Tombs of the Kings. Alternatively, the Ktima district boasts great boutique hotels and a real sense of history, a million miles from a run-of-the-mill resort.

The best things to do in Cyprus almost always involve being active outdoors. Whether skiing in the mountains, taking a bicycle tour through the pine forests, or getting involved in the many water sports available on the coast, you can discover the true beauty of Cyprus in its nature.

For many though, the highlight of a trip to Cyprus is indulging in its cuisine, which benefits from Greek, Turkish, and Middle Eastern influences. Kebabs are a must-try, as is the Cypriot specialty halloumi cheese. Cyprus continues to offer something for all appetites, and the experiences keep getting better.

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While Larnaca is best known for its sunshine and sandy beaches, this Cypriot city also houses some fascinating historical attractions, including Unesco World Heritage Sites, shipwrecks, and Byzantine monuments.
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