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Savvy travelers who choose flights to Angola get to see one of the world’s most intriguing travel destinations begin to thrive.

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For travelers in the know, Angola is one of the most interesting emerging travel destinations. Fully recovered after its civil war ended in 2002, it's now building a strong infrastructure with oil revenue and wealth from other natural resources.

Now is the time to visit, before the tourist crowds discover this beautiful South African country, replete with stunning beaches, a vibrant local culture, and a fun-loving party scene in the capital city Luanda. The country's Latin motto, Virtus Unita Fortior, means "virtue is stronger when united," a phrase that its citizens take to heart.

Getting to Angola is easy. Catch one of three flights a week from Dubai to the capital, where Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport sits just 2 km south of the city center.

The Portuguese were the first Europeans to settle the country, and some of their influence remains in the language and the culture. But tribes like the Ovimbundu, Ambundu, Bakongo, Chokwe, and Mbunda add their own distinct flavor to the spirited city. There's no better place to experience it all than at the National Festival of Angolan Culture, a countrywide celebration held between late August and mid-September that highlights the varied aspects of Angolan culture.

Luanda offers plenty of places to stay, with top destinations including Hotel Tropico and Epic Sana. From there, you can easily access attractions like the former Portuguese fortress of Sao Miguel, which dates to the 16th century, the island of Mussulo, and the Church of Sagrada Familia. And make sure to spend some time in one of the city's many nightlife venues, where the party and the beats go on all night. You might even see Leila Lopes, Miss Angola 2011, who won that year's Miss Universe pageant.

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This city on Angola’s Atlantic coast is currently in the midst of an economic boom. In fact, today Luanda is largely unrecognizable from the city it once was. It’s had a complete facelift, and the result is something both exotic and beautiful. There’s a real sense of excitement here, as a visit to this diverse destination will show.
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