Virgin America

California-based Virgin America aims to reinvent domestic air travel and offers a young fleet, mood-lit cabins, custom-designed leather seats and on-demand menus. Named ‘Best Domestic Airline’ for five consecutive years by Condé Nast, Virgin America offers award-winning service, interactive touchscreen entertainment and Wi-Fi on every flight.

The partnership gives Emirates Skywards members more opportunities to earn and redeem Miles when they fly across North America and connect to and from Emirates US gateways.

Take Advantage Today

Earn Skywards Miles when you fly with Virgin America and redeem them for rewards flights to 23 destinations across the US and Mexico.

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Earn Miles

Emirates Skywards members can earn the following Miles when they fly with Virgin America:

Miles Earned Per Mile Flown
First Class Main Cabin Select Main Cabin
(D,C and J) (Z, Q and W) (Y) (I, M, U, E, H, B and V) (N, S and L)
2 Miles per mile flown 1.5 Miles per mile flown 1.25 Miles per mile flown (refundable fare) 1 Mile per mile flown 0.5 Miles per mile flown (lowest fare)

Spend Miles

Emirates Skywards members can redeem Miles for one-way or round-trip flights. The following table shows you how many Miles you can redeem for round-trip flights with Virgin America:

City from City to Miles needed for a Main Cabin (T) round trip Miles needed for a Main Cabin Select (A) round trip
LASLAX Las Vegas Los Angeles 15,000 22,500
LASSFO Las Vegas San Francisco 15,000 22,500
LAXSFO Los Angeles San Francisco 15,000 22,500
PSPSFO* Palm Springs San Francisco 15,000 22,500
SANSFO San Diego San Francisco 15,000 22,500
AUSDAL Austin Dallas Love Field 15,000 22,500
AUSLAX Austin Los Angeles 25,000 37,500
AUSSFO Austin San Francisco 25,000 37,500
DALLAX Dallas Love Field Los Angeles 25,000 37,500
DALLGA Dallas Love Field New York La Guardia 25,000 37,500
DALSFO Dallas Love Field San Francisco 25,000 37,500
DALDCA Dallas Love Field Washington Ronald Reagan 25,000 37,500
FLLJFK* Fort Lauderdale New York JFK 25,000 37,500
LASSEA Las Vegas Seattle 25,000 37,500
LAXPDX Los Angeles Portland 25,000 37,500
LAXSEA Los Angeles Seattle 25,000 37,500
PDXSFO Portland San Francisco 25,000 37,500
SANSEA San Diego Seattle 25,000 37,500
SFOSJD San Francisco San José del Cabo 25,000 37,500
SEASFO Seattle San Francisco 25,000 37,500
DCAAUS Washington Ronald Reagan Austin 25,000 37,500
AUSLGA Austin New York La Guardia 40,000 60,000
AUSSEA Austin Seattle 40,000 60,000
BOSLAS* Boston Logan Las Vegas 40,000 60,000
BOSLAX Boston Logan Los Angeles 40,000 60,000
BOSPDX Boston Logan Portland 40,000 60,000
BOSSFO Boston Logan San Francisco 40,000 60,000
CUNLAX Cancun Los Angeles 40,000 60,000
CUNSFO Cancun San Francisco 40,000 60,000
ORDSFO Chicago O'Hare San Francisco 40,000 60,000
DALSEA Dallas Love Field Seattle 40,000 60,000
DALSEA Dallas Love Field Seattle 40,000 60,000
FLLLAX Fort Lauderdale Los Angeles 40,000 60,000
FLLSFO Fort Lauderdale San Francisco 40,000 60,000
FLLSEA Fort Lauderdale Seattle 40,000 60,000
LAXORD Los Angeles Chicago O'Hare 40,000 60,000
LAXMCO Los Angeles Orlando 40,000 60,000
JFKLAS* New York JFK Las Vegas 40,000 60,000
JFKLAX New York JFK Los Angeles 40,000 60,000
JFKPSP* New York JFK Palm Springs 40,000 60,000
JFKPDX New York JFK Portland 40,000 60,000
JFKSAN New York JFK San Diego 40,000 60,000
JFKSAN New York JFK San Diego 40,000 60,000
JFKSFO New York JFK San Francisco 40,000 60,000
LGALAX New York La Guardia Los Angeles 40,000 60,000
LGALAX New York La Guardia Los Angeles 40,000 60,000
LGASFO New York La Guardia San Francisco 40,000 60,000
EWRLAX Newark Liberty Los Angeles 40,000 60,000
EWRSAN Newark Liberty San Diego 40,000 60,000
EWRSFO Newark Liberty San Francisco 40,000 60,000
EWRSJC Newark Liberty San Jose, California 40,000 60,000
MCOSAN Orlando San Diego 40,000 60,000
MCOSEA Orlando Seattle 40,000 60,000
PVRSFO Puerto Vallarta San Francisco 40,000 60,000
SFOHNL San Francisco Honolulu 40,000 60,000
SFOOGG San Francisco Kahului 40,000 60,000
IADLAX Washington Dulles Los Angeles 40,000 60,000
IADPDX Washington Dulles Portland 40,000 60,000
IADSAN Washington Dulles San Diego 40,000 60,000
IADSFO Washington Dulles San Francisco 40,000 60,000
DCALAX Washington Ronald Reagan Los Angeles 40,000 60,000
DCASFO Washington Ronald Reagan San Francisco 40,000 60,000

* These flights are seasonal services.

Important Information

Earning Miles

  • Emirates Skywards members can earn Skywards Miles on all Virgin America commercial tickets.
  • Codeshare flights operated by airlines other than Emirates and Virgin America are not eligible for earning Miles.
  • Mileage accruals are not available for Group Inclusive Tour (GIT) / Inclusive Individual Fare (IIT) tickets, redemption awards or on any free ticket promotions.

Redeeming Miles

  • Emirates Skywards members can redeem Skywards Miles for Virgin America flights on Main Cabin and Main Cabin Select. Miles cannot be redeemed for First Class flights on Virgin America.
  • Redemption tickets can be issued on Virgin America flights (designator code "VX") and operated by Virgin America.
  • Award tickets are not valid on codeshare flights operated by any carrier other than Virgin America.
  • Redemption tickets are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
  • Reward flights can be booked for both one-way and round-trip travel. 
  • Reward ticket coupons cannot be used out of sequence. 
  • Children traveling on reward tickets will be required to redeem the same amount of Miles as that of an adult. Infant rewards are not permitted.
  • Rewards must be paid for and ticketed at least seven days prior to the date of travel. Flight Rewards booked within seven days of travel will be subject to a fee of USD 50; those booked within 24 hours of travel will be subject to a booking fee of USD 75. 
  • Date changes on flight rewards on Virgin America will be subject to a charge of USD 25 per change, per person, provided all other Terms & Conditions of the ticket and airline have been met.
  • Cancelation of flight rewards on Virgin America must be done at least 72 hours prior to flight departure and will incur a cancelation fee of USD 75. Expired Skywards Miles will not be re-credited to the member's account.
  • Refunds on fully unused tickets are permitted at a charge of USD 75. 
  • Some routes are seasonal in nature and flights might not be available for the entire year.
  • Emirates Skywards Program Rules apply.