Emirates Air Line

The Emirates Air Line is London’s first urban cable car system, providing a much needed transport link across the Thames in between the boroughs of Greenwich and Newham and assisting in the ongoing regeneration of the area.

Emirates believes the best opportunities in life come when bridges are built between cultures and when borders are blurred. Do that and a world of new possibilities awaits. Improving mobility and connecting citizens is our mission. It is at heart of all that we do, and is what makes Emirates the innovative and pioneering airline it is today.

The Emirates Air Line is a key part of this mission. It is a natural expression of our ambition to bring people closer together and inspire thoughts, ideas, and conversations. The cable car will be a conduit for tourists and commuters alike, and will help them discover new areas of London among them, newly regenerated areas such as the rich cultures and vibrant local communities of London's Docklands.

Focal to the cable car site, Emirates is committed to working with communities and local authorities to help regenerate these areas, and to see that the Emirates Air Line becomes an incentive for future investment and redevelopment. It will build on the work and investment which Emirates has for many years undertaken in London.

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