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A commitment to meeting the environmental challenge

A commitment to meeting the environmental challenge

Emirates recognises the importance of meeting the environmental challenges faced by both policymakers and airlines across the globe. In the air and on the ground, Emirates acts sustainably in the interests of our customers, our business and the natural environment.

From an EU perspective, Emirates will be complying with all aspects of Europe’s forthcoming emissions trading scheme (ETS) for aviation. Emirates is also strongly supporting the proposals of ICAO and IATA for a global, sectoral approach to reduce aviation emissions. This includes the setting of ambitious emission reduction targets for the industry, including carbon-neutral growth by 2020.

Emirates is fully behind IATA’s four-pillar strategy to reduce global aviation emissions. This will be achieved using new technology throughout our company; spending billions on the most modern, low noise, low emissions aircraft and by working with national governments to make air aviation more efficient on our routes.

In this context, Emirates is investing in the latest, most fuel efficient aircraft – such as the A380. The A380 produces only 75g of CO2 per passenger kilometre, almost half of the European target for cars manufactured in 2008. It is the most significant advance in reducing fuel burn and emissions for commercial aviation in the last four decades.