Additional points of call for Emirates in Germany

Additional points of call for Emirates in Germany

Under the current air services arrangements between the UAE and Germany, Emirates is entitled to operate to just four on-line points of call in Germany and is already fully utilising this allotment.

In order to better satisfy the strong market demand and offer more choice to its German customers, Emirates has been seeking since 2004 the right to serve Berlin and Stuttgart as additional points of call.

We believe that international air services, as one of the most important drivers of economic growth, should be encouraged to develop in the post-recession period. Hence we hope that our long-standing request will receive positive German Government support. Emirates’ services to Berlin and Stuttgart, both of which remain underserviced in terms of scheduled intercontinental routes, would benefit trade, investment, tourism and employment in the two cities, their surrounding regions and nationwide in Germany.

However, opposition to long-haul air services from Berlin and Stuttgart continues with Lufthansa arguing strongly against access to these cities by Emirates. This is despite significant support from Germany’s regions, airports, businesses and many parliamentarians. Emirates recently released a report entitled ‘Tearing down the other wall’. The report cites the strong economics and numerous German voices who have advocated long-haul flights to Berlin’s new BBI airport and the Stuttgart region. It also disputes the Lufthansa claim that the people of Berlin and Stuttgart should settle only for international flights from Frankfurt or Munich.

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Additional points of call for Emirates in Germany
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