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Debunking Allegations

US legacy carriers got the facts wrong, got the law wrong, and set their sights on an outcome that will be wrong for American consumers, communities and the national economy

See section I of Emirates’ full rebuttal document. Pages 1 - 65

The allegations about Emirates receiving subsidies or competing unfairly are patently false. There is no ‘secret’ to our success – it’s all here in black and white. What the ‘big three’ US legacy carriers want is protection from competition, but that outcome would only harm American consumers, communities and the national economy.

Read: Emirates’ full rebuttal document
Read: Emirates’ Rebuttal to Compass Lexecon Reports - The U.S. Legacy Carriers Have Suffered No Harm and the Consumer Has Benefited Greatly from Better Competition by the Gulf Carriers

Emirates' Position Summarized

The allegations levelled against Emirates by the Big 3 US legacy carriers collapse under scrutiny. They not only fail to make a case, but are also asking for a self-serving outcome to the detriment of the broader US consumer and economic interest. Read a summary of Emirates’ response here.

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They Said It Best

Protecting the Big 3 US legacy carriers will come at the expense of other US stakeholders. We are not the only ones who think so.

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The US legacy carriers’ allegations against Emirates consist of inaccurate assertions, outright distortions and misinterpretations of applicable law, including the Open Skies Agreement. What you need to know about the Open Skies and fair competition debate.

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Emirates' US Fact Sheet

As well as 84 flights each week from our nine USA gateways, we offer direct flights to 57 cities not directly served by any American carrier. Learn more about our US connections in our fact sheet.

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Annual Reports

Download the latest annual report and accounts for the financial year ending March 31, 2015 or browse a catalogue of previous reports.

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Today’s consumers have plenty of choice when it comes to travel. Take a look at why so many people in the US are choosing to fly Emirates.

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