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Finding your way

Arrival basics

  • If arriving at Sheikh Rashid Terminal via airbridge, follow the Baggage Reclaim signs and ride the escalator or lift down to the underground tunnel.
  • Ride the travelator through the tunnel to the escalators and lifts leading up to Baggage Reclaim and Customs and Immigration. (Passengers arriving by bus will already be at the end of the tunnel.)
  • Passengers collecting visas for Dubai may do so at Visa Services, at the exit of the tunnel in front of the escalators.
  • After you have cleared Immigrations and Customs, you may choose to shop at Dubai Duty Free before proceeding to Baggage Reclaim.
  • In the Arrivals Hall just before Immigration and Customs, you will be able to purchase Dubai Stopovers packages from the Emirates Desk. Our packages offer a choice of accommodation ranging from budget to five star luxury hotels at exceptional prices. Click here to find out more. At the Emirates Desk you may also purchase 96-hour Visa on Arrival at US$75. You must have a confirmed hotel booking in the UAE.*
  • Once you have collected your baggage, you will enter the Arrivals Hall, where you will find currency exchange, as well as hotel and car hire services.

Outside the airport

  • Outside the Arrivals Hall, Business Class and First Class passengers will find the Chauffeur-drive pickup point to the right, past the car hire counters. Metered taxis can also be found here at any time of day or night.
  • There is also a pickup point located outside the Arrivals Hall.

Transiting through Dubai

  • After disembarking your flight and riding the escalator to Level 3 of the Sheikh Rashid Terminal, follow the signs to any one of four Transit/Connecting Flights desks.
  • Take the escalator down to Departures on Level 2.

Passenger assistance

  • If you have any questions or require assistance navigating the Sheikh Rashid Terminal, ask at the Marhaba Service Desk, located on Level 3 just next to the tunnel entrance.
  • For a small advance fee of US$21, one of our friendly Marhaba staff members can be waiting to provide your party personally with any assistance you may need, including arranging priority processing at Immigration.
  • Passengers requiring medical attention will find Dubai International equipped with the most advanced airport medical centre in the Middle East.

Departure basics

  • When you arrive at the Departures Terminal, go to one of the dedicated Emirates check-in counters. Emirates First Class and Business Class passengers should proceed to the First Class and Business Class check-in counters located next to the main departures terminal.
  • After checking in, proceed to Passport Control, where you will find 14 desks waiting to serve you, including one exclusively for First Class passengers. Please note that you will need to leave your baggage trolleys here.
  • After passing through Security Control, take the escalators or lifts down to the tunnel leading to the Sheikh Rashid Terminal.
  • A travelator will move you through the 300-meter tunnel to escalators and lifts leading up to Level 1 of the Sheikh Rashid Terminal. Here you will find baggage trolleys for your carry-on items as well as the world-renowned Dubai Duty Free shopping arcade—one of the largest in the world.
  • First Class and Business Class passengers may use Emirates or other lounges, as applicable, in the concourse.
  • When you are ready to proceed to your Departure gate, take the escalators or lifts to Level 2. Here you find Gates 1 through 32, as well as an array of dining options while you wait to depart Please note that passengers should arrive at the gate at least 15 minutes before departure.
*You will need to produce a copy of the hotel booking, e.g. a fax confirmation or email print-out. This must be shown at the Emirates Desk. It will then be verified at the Immigration Desk.