About Booking Online

Payment options

We offer many payment options depending on your country of departure and the time remaining before departure. To learn more about the payment options and rules for a particular country of departure, please use the country menu below.

Emirates issues etickets. You must present your receipt and passport when checking in at the airport.

Afghanistan (opens a popup)Algeria (opens a popup)Angola (opens a popup)
Argentina (opens a popup)Australia (opens a popup)Austria (opens a popup)
Bahrain (opens a popup)Bangladesh (opens a popup)Belgium (opens a popup)
Brazil (opens a popup)Canada (opens a popup)China (opens a popup)
Cote d'Ivoire (opens a popup)Cyprus (opens a popup)Czech Republic (opens a popup)
Denmark (opens a popup)Egypt (opens a popup)Ethiopia (opens a popup)
France (opens a popup)Germany (opens a popup)Ghana (opens a popup)
Greece (opens a popup)Guinea (opens a popup)Hong Kong (opens a popup)
Hungary (opens a popup)India (opens a popup)Indonesia (opens a popup)
Iran (opens a popup)Iraq (opens a popup)Ireland (opens a popup)
Italy (opens a popup)Japan (opens a popup)Jordan (opens a popup)
Kenya (opens a popup)Korea (opens a popup)Kuwait (opens a popup)
Lebanon (opens a popup)Libya (opens a popup)Malaysia (opens a popup)
Maldives (opens a popup)Mali (opens a popup)Malta (opens a popup)
Mauritius (opens a popup)Mexico (opens a popup)Morocco (opens a popup)
Netherlands (opens a popup)New Zealand (opens a popup)Nigeria (opens a popup)
Norway (opens a popup)Oma (opens a popup)Pakistan (opens a popup)
Panama (opens a popup)Peru (opens a popup)Philippines (opens a popup)
Poland (opens a popup)Portugal (opens a popup)Qatar (opens a popup)
Russia (opens a popup)Saudi Arabia (opens a popup)Senegal (opens a popup)
Seychelles (opens a popup)Singapore (opens a popup)South Africa (opens a popup)
Spain (opens a popup)Sri Lanka (opens a popup)Sudan (opens a popup)
Sweden (opens a popup)Switzerland (opens a popup)Syria (opens a popup)
Taiwan (opens a popup)Tanzania (opens a popup)Thailand (opens a popup)
Tunisia (opens a popup)Turkey (opens a popup)Uganda (opens a popup)
Ukraine (opens a popup)United Arab Emirates (opens a popup)United Kingdom (opens a popup)
United States of America (opens a popup)Uruguay (opens a popup)Vietnam (opens a popup)
Yemen (opens a popup)Zambia (opens a popup)Zimbabwe (opens a popup)