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Baggage allowances

How will my baggage allowance be calculated?

Depending on your route, your baggage allowance may be calculated by piece or by weight.

In accordance with international regulations, your free baggage allowances will be defined in terms of either the number of pieces of luggage or the total amount of weight you can travel with. The rules depend on where you’re traveling to and from.

The weight concept applies to all routes, excluding flights to and from destinations in the Americas and travel originating in Africa.

The piece concept applies to all flights to and from destinations in the Americas and flights originating in Africa.

Find the exact details of your baggage allowance for your upcoming trip by visiting Manage Your Booking, or by checking the baggage allowance printed on your ticket.

For more information about baggage policies, please read our Checked bags page.

In addition, different baggage rules may apply on flights operated by other airlines.