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Business Class

Stretch out and relax in comfort. Explore the world through regionally inspired dishes, and join the conversation over fine wines in our A380 Onboard Lounge. Welcome to the business of living.

Emirates A380 Business Class

This is Business Class redefined

Unwind in the perfect living space. Enjoy gourmet cuisine and up to 3,500 channels of entertainment, or take a stroll to the onboard lounge.

See why this isn’t just flying. It’s the Emirates A380.

So you're thinking of flying business class with Emirates.  Well, let me show you the A380 Business Class experience, which starts right here, with your own chauffeur-driven ride to the airport.  In Dubai, you get to experience the flagship BMW 5 Series.  After a super quick check-in, you'll have the luxury of using one of the business class lounges—in Dubai, the amazing Terminal 3 lounges with their amazing food and the world's only Moët & Chandon airport bar.  You could take a shower or just take it easy, and from some terminals you can board your flight directly from the lounge. [Woman walks onto plane]

Okay, thank you.  So here we are, at your business class seat, designed to give you plenty of space and ample leg room. And, more importantly, privacy.  [She slides into her seat ]

You've got your own mini bar, so you can help yourself at any time.  And the crew is always there to keep your drinks flowing.  Emirates, of course, is renowned for its award-winning ice entertainment system. This touch screen is one of the widest in the skies, and there are literally thousands of channels of on-demand entertainment to choose from: the latest movies, box-office hits, and hours and hours of music.  You can choose what you want to watch before you fly and then sync your list to your seat.  For all you sports fans, the days of missing a game just because you're in the air are in the past.  Whether it's the latest Premier League match or the U.S. Open—if it's live, it's probably on ice.  [She puts on headphones, the screen shows a soccer match]

There's a reason they call it business class. If you really need to work, you've got plenty of space and everything you need to stay powered up and connected.  There's obviously WiFi on board, and the first 20 megabytes are free.  And, if you're a Skywards member, you get it free throughout the entire flight.  Now this, this is the coolest part.  On all Emirates A380s, you can take a stroll to the onboard lounge. [Stands up, walks to the bar]

A cosmopolitan would be delicious.  Thank you.  There are always snacks here and some of the most premium spirits, and it's a fun place to socialize.  Sometimes it's easy to forget you're on a plane.  Thank you.  Mealtimes with Emirates are impressive.  They're flexible about when you eat, and you have a choice of three starters and three mains, including a local dish, so you can get a taste of your destination before you arrive.  And Emirates takes wine selection very seriously.  Some of the selections are so exclusive you can only find them onboard an Emirates flight.  When it's time to sleep, your seat transforms into a fully flat bed with plenty of room to stretch out.  This isn't just flying.  This is the Emirates A380.  You’d better hurry up and book that seat before it goes. [She is comfortably tucked into bed, the plane soars through the sky]

EMIRATES [Emirates ]

Boeing 777 Business Class

Luxury down to the last stitch

Introducing our redesigned 777 Business Class seat. Lie completely flat on the soft leather upholstery and enjoy gourmet meals as you watch your favorite box set on the 23-inch HD TV.

Experience a new level of comfort.

So you're thinking of flying business class with Emirates. Let me show you the 777 Business Class experience. It all starts here, with your chauffeur-driven ride to the airport. In Dubai, you get to experience the flagship BMW 5 series. After a super quick check-in, you'll have the luxury of using one of Emirates' business class lounges—in Dubai, that's the incredible Terminal 3 lounges, with their amazing food and the world's only Moët & Chandon airport bar. You could take a shower or just take it easy, and from some terminals you can board your flight directly from the lounge. [Woman walks onto plane]

The newly designed business class seat is really something else. Hi. It's inspired by the interior of a luxury sports car, and at 78 inches long, it's nice and spacious. [Leg rest lifts ]

You've even got your own mini bar, so you can help yourself at any time. And the crew is always there to keep the drinks flowing. Thank you. One of the best things about flying with Emirates is the ice entertainment system. It's been voted best in the skies for years now. It has the latest movies, box office hits, documentaries, literally thousands of channels, all updated every month. And just check out that HD touchscreen. It's massive. The days of worrying about missing live sports just because you're on a plane are well and truly over. If it's live event, it'll probably be available right here at your seat. Come on, Arsenal. Or, if, like me, you love your music, there's an awesome music selection to listen to. You can create a playlist of what you want to watch and listen to before you fly and sync it to your seat. And it's called business class for a reason, right? If you do want to get some work done, you've got all the space and privacy you need right here, plus everything you need to keep you powered up and connected. There's also WiFi on board to keep you up to date no matter where you are. Just pop in your Skywards number and stay connected for free. [Emirates plane in the sky ]

Mealtimes with Emirates are impressive. Thank you. They're flexible about when you eat, and you get a choice of three starters and three main courses, including a local dish, so you can get a taste of your destination before you arrive. Emirates takes wine selection very seriously. Some of the wine selections are so exclusive you can only find them onboard Emirates flights. When it's time to sleep, your seat transforms into a fully flat bed. Night then. [She turns off reading light, fully tucked into bed ]

Whether you're flying short or long distance, when you fly the Emirates 777, you'll arrive at your destination feeling fresh and ready to face the day. So book now, before the seats go. [The next morning, Emirates plane in a clear blue sky]


Explore Business Class in 3D

Our award-winning 3D seat map is a fully immersive experience. Take a stroll through Business Class to explore our seating options and inflight features.

Discover our comfortable leather seats and personal minibar in Business Class, and then visit the A380 Onboard Lounge. Don’t forget to turn on night mode and look up to see our starry night sky on board.

You can also explore our refreshing Economy Class cabin. And experience our private suites in First Class – complete with sliding doors and ambient lighting.

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Sit back in ultimate comfort

Experience new levels of relaxation in Business Class

Our Boeing 777-300ER Business Class seats are now wider and more spacious, with an ergonomic headrest and stylish grey leather finish. The sleek new design offers enhanced support and extra comfort throughout your journey.

Select a movie on your personal 23-inch entertainment screen with your touchscreen controller and sip a refreshing beverage from the in-seat minibar. There’s even an HDMI port to stream content from your personal devices onto your screen. When it’s time to rest, use the touchscreen controller to ease your seat into the fully flat position and drift off to sleep.

A new shared experience on board

Socialize in our modern A380 Onboard Lounge

Step into an environment that’s enhanced for your flying enjoyment. Starting July 2017, our A380 Onboard Lounges will feature a sleeker design, with a clean ivory palette and bronze and wood-grain accents.

Meet other jet-setters at 40,000 feet in an ambient setting. Experience a more social seating arrangement and more open areas for mingling, and sink into relaxation with calming LED mood lighting while enjoying a cocktail and a selection of nibbles. Catch major live events with fellow travelers on the 55-inch LCD TV screen with surround sound—you’ll feel like you’re there.

You’ll also enjoy unique touches throughout, like contemporary decor and the UAE’s national tree, the Ghaf, embellishing the walls, for a truly unique journey the moment you enter.

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Arrive inspired

Mix business with pleasure in Business Class

Whether you’re flying to your next meeting or enjoying your latest adventure, traveling in Business Class helps you arrive inspired. You’ll find thoughtful extras in Business Class that mix stimulation and relaxation to help you cultivate your passions in your own way.

Send emails, write the next chapter of your book, or upload your latest blog post on board. There’s in-seat power for your laptop and a side table for space to work. Choose a drink from your personal mini-bar and sit back to award-winning entertainment on your personal screen. Recline your seat into a fully flat bed with a comfy mattress and a blanket—or our new soft, charcoal-gray duvet, now available on some flights—and arrive feeling refreshed.

Our flat-bed seats are on all of our A380 aircraft.

Taste your way around the world

Savor global cuisine and exclusive wines

Choose from our menu of gourmet dishes inspired by the region and enjoy a dining experience that takes you places.

Our chefs use fresh, locally sourced ingredients to prepare your meals. Dine from Royal Doulton bone china plates with exclusive Robert Welch cutlery. Match your meal with a fine wine selected by our sommeliers, or choose from our list of complimentary cocktails, champagne, beers, spirits, and hot and cold drinks.

Learn more about our Business Class dining

Your window into new worlds

Visit places you won’t find on a map with ice inflight entertainment

Choose from more than 3,500 channels of the latest and greatest movies and must-see TV shows, on demand and in multiple languages. Relax to music from around the world or play our range of fun games.

Witness breaking news, catch up on the world of business, or see your team in action with ice TV Live on select aircraft.

Create your personal playlist of favorites and laugh, shed a tear, or cheer your way to your destination.

Learn more about our inflight entertainment

Experience a seamless journey from start to finish

Our world-class service begins at your doorstep

Travel in comfort from the moment you leave your door. When you fly First Class or Business Class, you can book our complimentary Chauffeur-drive service (opens in new tab) and we’ll take you to and from the airport in more than 70 cities.

At the airport, find inspiration in our exclusive lounges before you fly, then board directly from our lounge at our A380 hub in Dubai.

Enjoy extra comforts on your journey

Arrive refreshed with our Bulgari amenity kits

We’ve created stylish kit bags with Italian brand Bulgari to help you look and feel your best on your journey. The designer kits feature Bulgari’s new signature floral woody fragrance, Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc (white tea fragrance), along with more skincare essentials to keep you feeling fresh throughout your flight.

Our latest women’s kits have been inspired by the Bulgari archives, with classic Italian design reinterpreted in arabesque style. We offer cream kits with bronze accents for women and charcoal grey kits for men. Collect four distinct designs for each.

Enjoy our complimentary amenity kits on selected flights.

Please note that products and services featured on this website may vary according to aircraft configuration. Aircraft type may also be subject to last minute changes due to operational requirements.