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Emirates and the Boeing 777

Learn more about our Boeing 777s

Emirates operates the world’s largest fleet of Boeing 777 aircraft. We fly these modern aircraft to nearly 100 cities on six continents, carrying millions of passengers across the globe each year. We received our first 777 aircraft in 1996, and our 150th in September 2015. Emirates’ commitment to this remarkable aircraft provides benefits that extend to suppliers, the US economy, passengers, and beyond.

147 Boeing 777 in fleet, 196 Boeing 777 on order, over 95 destinations
Experience the Emirates 777

Emirates 777 delivery

Emirates Receives Three 777s in a Single Day

Emirates received a company-record delivery of three Boeing aircraft in a single day—an event that also marked the delivery of Emirates' 150th Boeing 777.

Watch the delivery of the aircraft and their maiden departures here.

[September 2015] SEPTEMBER 2015

[Emirates receives company-record delivery of three Boeing 777 aircraft in a single day] EMIRATES RECEIVES COMPANY-RECORD DELIVERY OF THREE BOEING 777 AIRCRAFT IN A SINGLE DAY

[Emirates and Boeing celebrate 150th 777 delivery] EMIRATES AND BOEING CELEBRATE 150TH 777 DELIVERY

[A woman and man cut red ribbon, surrounded by a group of pilots]

[Everyone claps]

[The pilots smile]

[Three Emirates planes on the tarmac]

[Plane pushes back from jetway]

[A6-EPA Boeing 777300ER takes off] A6-EPA BOEING 777-300ER

[A6-EPB Boeing 777300ER speeds down the runway and takes off] A6-EPA BOEING 777-300ER

[A6-EFS Boeing 777 freighter, “SkyCargo” written on the side of the plane, pivots and begins to take off] A6-EPA BOEING 777 FREIGHTER



[Emirates now has 147 Boeing 777 aircraft in its fleet and another 196 pending delivery] EMIRATES NOW HAS 147 BOEING 777 AIRCRAFT IN ITS FLEET AND ANOTHER 196 PENDING DELIVERY


Inside Boeing: Making Emirates' 150th Boeing 777

Each Boeing 777 is a marvel of engineering and a labor of love. Thousands of highly skilled men and women are involved in building each aircraft and making it ready for travelers. In this video, you’ll meet a few of the Boeing employees involved in the production of Emirates’ 150th Boeing 777. Hear them speak about their work on the aircraft exterior, interior, electrical, and cockpit components, and you’ll appreciate the passion, attention to detail, and expertise that go into making this plane.

Watch the full video(opens in a new tab)


Inside Boeing’s Suppliers: Making Emirates' 150th Boeing 777

Hands across America, from Washington State, California, and Texas, work with precision to craft the Boeing 777. This video showcases employees from three companies that supply parts for the 777. In addition to seeing dedicated, hardworking employees from Onamac, Honeywell, and Jamco focused on their craft and workspaces, you’ll see employees at play as well.

Watch the full video(opens in a new tab)

Our refreshed two-class Boeing 777-200LR

Experience more privacy and space

Enjoy more room to stretch out and greater privacy in Business Class—our seats are now all in pairs, with six in each row. And our already spacious seats are now two inches wider for even more comfort.

You can also sit back and relax in our refreshed Economy Class cabin. Enjoy our new seat cover designs and leather headrests. And stay entertained throughout your flight with up to 3,500 channels and hundreds of new movies and music channels every month, plus live TV and Wi-Fi.

Learn more about our refreshed two-class Boeing 777-200LR

Boeing 777-300

Both our two- and three-class versions offer the utmost in passenger comfort.

Learn more about the Boeing 777-300

Boeing 777-300ER

Our extended-range Boeing brings industry-leading levels of comfort and service to even the longest transcontinental routes.

Learn more about the Boeing 777-300ER

Boeing 777-200LR

This long-range airliner has the capability to connect virtually any two cities in the world nonstop.

Learn more about the Boeing 777-200LR