A Greener Tomorrow

‘A Greener Tomorrow’ initiative

In 2013, Emirates launched a new environmental initiative called ‘A Greener Tomorrow’. The aim of the initiative is to support not-for-profit environmental or conservation organisations by providing a funding award of up to $150,000. ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ is an outcome of Emirates’ commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation.

The money for ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ is raised through recycling programmes across the Emirates Group, ranging from paper recycling in the offices to the recycling of seat components on board our aircraft.

Through ‘A Greener Tomorrow’, Emirates is able to support organisations that work at the grassroots level in engaging with communities to conserve their environment. We are delighted with the positive impact that the winners of ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ have had on their communities and we look forward to following their progress into the future.

For further information on ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ please email: greenertomorrow@emirates.com