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Partnership with Austrian Railways Company (ÖBB)

Combine your flight and rail ticket

We’ve partnered with ÖBB to make your transfer to or from Vienna International Airport stress free. When you book your train ticket at the same time as your Emirates flight, you’ll enjoy attractive rates to and from most major cities in Austria and neighbouring countries.

Enjoy the convenience of one booking that takes you seamlessly between destinations around Austria and neighbouring countries and over 130 Emirates destinations worldwide.

ÖBB’s major cities include St. Pölten Hbf (POK), Linz Hbf (LZS), Salzburg Hbf (ZSB), Innsbruck Hbf (IOB), Bregenz (XGZ), Graz Hbf (GGZ), Klagenfurt Hbf (KGV), Wien Hbf (XWC), Brno hl.n. (ZDN), Praha hl.n. (XYG), Ostrava hl.n. (XJV), Györ (QGY), Budapest keleti (XXQ), München Hbf (ZMU), Nürnberg Hbf (ZAQ) and Frankfurt (Main) (ZRB).

Passengers must transfer from Vienna International Airport to Wien Hbf train station and change trains to travel onward to their destination.

How to book

You can book your ÖBB train tickets on, an online travel agency or any travel agent.

When you book your journey, simply select the respective city as departure or destination as you would if you were booking a normal flight. You’ll find a combination of trains and flights that match your search criteria. ÖBB trains will either have an EK flight number between 3060 and 3089 or 9B flight number between 8100 and 8799.

If the passenger has purchased an intermodal ticket, in addition to the destination listed above, the ÖBB travel document is valid to additional destinations. During check‑in, the passenger will receive, in addition to the travel document, a second page describing in detail which destinations are covered for each destination. For passengers travelling to Vienna HBF, a second page describing the station is produced.

You will receive details on which destinations are covered along with your ÖBB ticket.

General check-in process

  • Access check‑ within 72 hours of the scheduled bus departure
  • Enter your name and your record locator or ticket number on the webpage
  • Print your ÖBB train ticket

You’ll need to present your ticket to board the train.

As it’s an open ticket, a seat-reservation is not included. Although optional, customers can book a seat-reservation at ÖBB´s website: an external website in a new tab).

For additional information on travelling on your selected ground operator and how to check-in, please visit: an external website in a new tab)

During your journey

If you’re flying in Economy Class, your train journey will be in Second Class. When you fly First Class or Business Class, train travel will be in First Class and you’ll also get complimentary access to ÖBB lounges at all major stations.

Term and conditions of our Rail & Fly service

Emirates baggage allowance policies will apply.