Electronics ban services

Explore our range of services designed to help US-bound customers flying from Dubai International airport after the electronics ban

Enjoy a more convenient experience

Use your electronic devices right up to the boarding gate with our device packing facility

From 25 March 2017, customers travelling on flights from Dubai International airport to the US can’t carry large electronic devices in the cabin. Please note this ban does not apply to flights from the US to Dubai.

In response, we launched our device packing service to customers in every class, so you can carry your devices through security to use up until boarding.

Simply hand your devices over at the gate, and we’ll package and label them, give you a unique claim tag, and load the devices onto the same flight for you to collect in the baggage hall upon your arrival.

Continue working in the skies

Our tablet loan service lets you stay connected when you fly

Our First Class and Business Class customers can also borrow tablets on board our US-bound flights from Dubai International airport.

These tablets are equipped with Microsoft Office 2016 and allow customers to download their work to a USB stick – which can be brought on board – to continue working during their flight.

The service is complimentary and will be available on all non-stop flights from Dubai to Emirates’ US destinations.