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Enjoy the latest and breaking business news delivered straight to your inbox for less. Now you can sign up to a 12-month subscription to The Wall Street Journal for just 10,000 Skywards Miles – that’s 50% less than the standard amount. This digital subscription package is worth USD 347. 

You won’t miss any of the big stories affecting the business world in 2018, and you can make the most of unique insights on all the latest developments. 

If you’re looking for gift inspiration, you can also use your Miles to set up subscriptions for family and friends.


Offer Validity

Subscribe by 30 November 2018


How to subscribe

Log in to subscribe. If you’re not already an Emirates Skywards member, join now to take advantage of this special offer.

  • This offer is available for all Emirates Skywards members who spend Skywards Miles on a Wall Street Journal annual digital subscription during the promotional period.
  • Redemption for digital membership/s of The Wall Street Journal is not available in China.
  • This offer is valid for new redemption activities until 30 November 2018.
  • Once logged in, Emirates Skywards members can spend Skywards Miles on a Wall Street Journal annual digital subscription via the following link on emirates.com: https://www.emirates.com/account/english/redeem-miles/vouchers.aspx.
  • Skywards Miles can be spent on multiple digital memberships, which can then be passed on to family and friends as gifts.
  • The membership of the Wall Street Journal is valid for 12 months from the date the Skywards Miles are redeemed.
  • Each nominee should register and activate their subscription with Wall Street Journal independently.
  • Skywards Miles can be deducted from only one membership account per subscription.
  • Once redeemed, Skywards Miles are non-refundable.
  • Once Skywards Miles are redeemed, Emirates Skywards members will receive an email with a dedicated link to activate the subscription.
  • Emirates Skywards members will not earn Skywards Miles for the redemption purchase.
  • Any queries that relate to the activation of the digital membership should be directed to The Wall Street Journal at: partnershipsupport@dowjones.com.
  • The Wall Street Journal subscriber agreement conditions apply.
  • Emirates Skywards programme rules apply.