Firearms, weapons and ammunition – Application request

Please submit this request for approval at least three working days before you depart and within one month of travel. Our offices are open from Sunday to Thursday.

PLEASE NOTE: Completing this form does NOT mean you are automatically approved to bring the requested item on your flight. Your application will be reviewed and if it is approved, you will be contacted by email to confirm. Do not proceed to the airport without receiving approval.

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From 1 June till 12 July 2017 St Petersburg airport (LED) will not accept transportation of firearms and ammunition (even if previously accepted).
The only exception would be sporting firearms and ammunition for preparing and competing in competitions.

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Supporting documents

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  • 1. Passport details page Required
  • 2. Firearm licence (Mandatory for all firearms and ammunition only)
  • 3. Invitation letter (for sport or hunting)
  • 4. Any other supporting document(s)

When your application is approved you'll be sent a confirmation email.