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Experience Emirates in VR with Oculus

Explore the inside of our aircraft from a totally new perspective with the Emirates VR for Oculus Rift.
Introducing the Emirates VR Experience
Live the Emirates experience from your own home with the Oculus headset. Find yourself transported straight into our aircraft, and start discovering surprises at every turn through life-like interactions and physical immersion.

Emirates VR for Oculus

Available now on the Oculus Store

Take your seat in First Class, discover our Business Class cabin, or find your favourite spot in Economy, on board both the Emirates A380 and Boeing 777.
3D render of Oculus VR
Tour the entire aircraft
Discover all the features inside our aircraft, and experience life as a First Class passenger or master pilot.
  • Explore every cabin
    Take a seat in every cabin class. Pop on your headphone set, tap the screen, and start flicking through your favourite channels on ICE.
  • Step into the cockpit
    Ever wondered what the view is like from the pilot’s seat? Now you can try out every gadget in the cockpit and fly the plane like a pro.
  • Experience the luxury
    Try out life as a First Class passenger. Set your leather seat to the perfect recline, take a drink from the mini-bar, and discover the finer details of your own private suite.

Emirates VR for Oculus

Try it out with just your device

Experience a taster of Oculus headset immersion with a cardboard headset. Download a Google template for free or buy one online, and pop your device into the visor, or simply try it out on your phone.