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Breaking your fast on board and in our lounges

Enjoy Arabic coffee, dates and traditional sweets at our Dubai lounges throughout the month of Ramadan. We’ll also be serving dates and water for those breaking fast or taking suhoor at selected boarding gates. And we’ve prepared a healthy assortment of sandwiches, salads and sweets for you to break your fast on board. Water, dates and laban complete the special Ramadan box designed by local design house Silsal, exclusively for Emirates.

To celebrate Eid, our First Class passengers will find a box of Lakrids Crispy Rose in their goodie baskets. A choice of special ice cream flavours like date, cinnamon baklava and Arabic coffee and date will also be available in First Class and Business Class.

Give the gift of Middle Eastern hospitality

Ramadan is a time to gather with friends and family. Come bearing gifts with a set of Arabic coffee cups by Silsal for Emirates. Get the limited edition sets at selected Emirates Official Stores in the UAE.

What’s playing on ice

Check out our Ramadan content, from TV series to Arabic audio books. Be inspired by Hala Kazem, Emirati author and positive transformation coach. Watch the animated series The Prophets. Or sit back and relax to Mehdi AlMoussawi’s audiobook Dancing with Life.

Discover more

Ramadan around the world

Visit our popular destinations and experience Ramadan. Hear the call of the town crier at dawn in Egypt. Listen to the sounding of the Iftar sirens in Morocco. Or fly to Turkey in time for the Sugar Feast at the end of Ramadan.

Brush up on your Ramadan vocabulary

When visiting the UAE and other countries that observe Ramadan, you’ll hear some common words throughout the month. ‘Suhoor’ is the last meal before sunrise, when fasting begins for the day. This is followed by ‘Imsak’, an interval of about 10 minutes between Suhoor and ‘Fajr’, the first prayer of the day. ‘Iftar’, literally “break fast”, is the first meal taken after sunset, when fasting ends.

Remember to hydrate this Holy Month

Keep your fluid levels up throughout the day. Drink enough water and juice and eat fruits with a high water content when you break your fast. Try to avoid coffee or tea, and skip the spice so you don’t get extremely thirsty while fasting.
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