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Flights to Madagascar

Look forward to an adventurer’s dream on the island of Madagascar, with mountains, rainforests, diverse wildlife and a beautiful Indian Ocean coastline.

Flights to Madagascar

Your Emirates flight lands in Antananarivo, a central point to explore in every direction. Madagascar sits 400 kilometres (250 miles) off the southeast coast of mainland Africa surrounded by the sparkling Indian Ocean and Mozambique Channel.

Madagascar is famed for its biodiversity, and there’s a growing investment in the ecotourism sector in a focused effort to protect it all. The islands also has three Unesco World Heritage sites with breathtaking scenery to explore: the Andrefana Dry Forests across four national parks, with its staggering biodiversity and towering limestone pinnacles; the culturally and spiritually significant Royal Hill of Ambohimanga; and to the east, the six national parks of the Rainforests of the Atsinanana.

With 2,000 km² of coral reefs along 1,400 km of coastline and 250 islands, there’s so much for adventurers to explore on land and sea in Madagascar. Enjoy hikes in the mountains, paragliding, quad biking through rainforests, and incredibly diverse wildlife. One of Madagascar’s most famous residents is the lemur, and one of the best places to find them in the wild is on a trek through national parks like Andasibe-Mantadia, Ranomafana, Masoala, and also in Berenty Reserve.

One of Madagascar’s most famous flora are the baobab trees, with their distinct fat trunks. Of the 8 baobab species known worldwide, 6 are endemic to Madagascar. They play an important role in the ecosystem, and a popular place to see these giants is the Avenue of the Baobabs near the west coast. As well as providing shelter, the tree is used for its nutrient-rich fruit, for making materials from the bark and for medicinal purposes.

Madagascar may be packed with adventure, but there’s also a chance to rejuvenate on the island’s stunning beaches. A popular spot is the island of Nosy Be off the west coast, which offers incredible diving and snorkelling and the chance to island hop.

From August to November, Nosy Be is also one of the best places to go whale watching in Madagascar. Or if you’re visiting from June to September, this is the time when humpback whales migrate, and Île Sainte-Marie off the north-west coast is the best place to catch a sighting of this natural wonder. Just one of the many natural wonders that make Madagascar such a unique and unforgettable place.