Boeing 777

Game Changer

The new fully enclosed First Class Suite

First Class

Raise your expectations

Step into the First Class cabin, and let the ambient glow of the UAE’s national tree light your way to one of six exclusive private suites.

Get the full experience in 3D

First Class

Rediscover total privacy

Close the floor to ceiling doors of your private suite, set the mood with your personal lighting and temperature controller, and enjoy the freedom to dine, sleep and be entertained on your terms. 

First Class

Defy gravity

Recline your seat to the zero gravity setting and find your body’s natural resting position. Enjoy ultimate comfort throughout your flight.

First Class

Enjoy HD views

Take in the view, even if you’re in a middle suite. Open your virtual window to enjoy HD projections of the outside world. Or use the binoculars to explore the skies.

Explore it in 3D

First Class

The Emirates and Mercedes-Benz story

Imagine yourself in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Think soft leather seating, hi-tech control panels, mood lighting, and meticulous attention to detail. The designers of our First Class Suite were inspired by the premium automotive brand, bringing a new level of luxury on board.

Business Class

Recline in luxury

Our new Boeing 777 Business Class seats are designed for enhanced support and optimal comfort. Use the touchscreen controller to glide your seat into a fully horizontal position, with plenty of room to stretch out.

Economy Class

Your journey got an upgrade

Let the clean champagne tones and calm ambience of our newly designed Economy Class cabin help you feel contented throughout your flight.


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