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The following courses are available and range in length from 20 minutes to two hours:

Cybersecurity Awareness: Security Overview

Steve Maciejewski

Join educator and consultant Steve Maciejewski to learn about the current state of cybersecurity.

Design Thinking: Customer Experience

Geoffrey Schwartz

Geoffrey Schwartz is a director and an adviser. He explains what customer experience is and why it is important.

Interpersonal Communication

Dorie Clark

Learn strategies that can help you hone and master your interpersonal communication skills with consultant Dorie Clark.

Managing Up, Down and Across the Organization

Roberta Matuson

Roberta Matuson is a strategist and an author. She shares her thoughts on how to create a great long-lasting impression.

Negotiating Your Leadership Success

Debbie Kolb

Strategist Elizabeth Robillard explains how to get promotions and support for your work by negotiating for yourself.

The New Rules of Work

Gary Bolles

Join lecturer and consultant Gary Bolles as he discusses how to prepare yourself for the ever-changing modern workplace.

Persuading Others

Dorie Clark

Consultant Dorie Clark discusses how to ensure your ideas get a fair hearing by cultivating your persuasive skills.

Photography Foundations: Refining Your Skills

Steve Simon

Steve Simon is a street photographer. He explains how find inspiration, create a photo essay, and more.

Spotting Logo Trends

Bill Gardner

Graphic designer Bill Gardner traces the evolution of logo trends, to forecast future changes in design.

Getting Started with Technology: Think Like an Engineer

Roberta Matuson

Strategist and author Roberta Matuson discusses how to best transition into your new management role.