Industry Position

We are part of a global industry that is committed to reducing aviation’s carbon footprint

Aviation is one of the most important contributors to global economic and social development – particularly in the developing world. The aviation industry directly employs over 5.5 million people worldwide and contributes USD 1.1 trillion per annum to world GDP.

The aviation industry recognises that, although it is only responsible for less than 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions from human activity, it must be committed to growing sustainably and reducing growth of its emissions. To put this in perspective, shipping accounts for some 4% of human emissions, while ground transport accounts for almost 14%. At current growth rates, aviation is expected to account for only 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Read more about this at an external website in a new tab) . We firmly support the four-pillar strategy to reduce emissions developed by our industry body – the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Read more about this strategy at an external website in a new tab) .

Global GHG Emissions by Source, 24% power, 18% land use, 14% industry, 14% agriculture, 14% transport (2% of which is aviation), 8% buildings, 5% other energy related, 3% waste. Source is IPCC, year 2007

Implementation of this strategy includes the use of new technology throughout our Group; making significant investments in the most modern, low-noise, low emissions aircraft available; encouraging governments to make air navigation more fuel- and emission-friendly; and reducing the environmental impact of our ground operations.