Carbon Offsetting

As an airline we don't believe in simply passing responsibility to our customers - we are responsible for minimising our emissions

As an airline, our biggest impact on the environment is the aircraft we fly, and how we fly them. We have one of the most modern, quietest, low-emissions fleets in the world - with an average age of just over six years, well below the global average of 14 years. Investing billions of dollars in low-emissions aircraft, and flying them in the most efficient way possible, is one of the biggest contribution we can make to reducing our carbon footprint, and our impact on the environment. At Emirates this is accompanied by a host of other initiatives, including on-ground energy and water efficiency projects, recycling and waste-minimisation initiatives, and our ongoing investment in conservation-based tourism developments such as the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in the UAE and the Wolgan Valley Resort in Australia.

Emirates strongly believes in the 'emitter-pays principle.' We, as the aircraft operator, are responsible for minimising our emissions - instead of simply passing this responsibility on to our customers. We are not the only airline to subscribe to this point of view.

We understand that some customers still want to off-set their travel-related emissions. In this case we refer our passengers to one of the world's leading carbon off-set organisations.