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Flights to Lebanon

Lebanon has got so much to offer – the cosmopolitan chic of Beirut, the medieval architecture of Tripoli, the incredible Roman ruins at Baalbek, plus beautiful beaches and even a handful of ski resorts.

The best place to start your travels when you book flights to Lebanon is Beirut, the capital. An energetic city with an eye for fashion and a host of great cultural offerings, it’s the place to see and be seen. Nightlife plays a big part in the social scene, and the locals get very dressed up (pack a nice outfit if you plan to hit the nightlife venues). Even on very casual outings, like strolling along the Corniche in the evenings, it seems like everyone in the city is out to have a good time, from the families to the coffee vendors to the gents smoking their nargilehs. The city’s dining scene is also undergoing a renaissance, with celebrity chefs setting up branches here.

There are lots of interesting sights that you can reach within a day trip from Beirut, such as Tripoli. It’s got a souk you can get lost in for hours shopping for bargains and drinking tea as you wander, plus some world famous Mamluk architecture to admire. Follow this with a meal of mezze at one of the city’s fine restaurants. Baalbek is another great place to visit, home to jaw-dropping ruins of ancient Roman temples (tributes to Jupiter and Bacchus) that date back to 150 AD.

Round off your holiday in Lebanon with a couple of days at the beach. You can swank around at glitzy resorts or just hit one of the numerous public beaches along the coast, soaking up the sun, sand and fun.

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Beirut is a holiday destination unlike any other – where you spend the morning skiing and the afternoon relaxing on beautiful beaches.

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