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Traveling with children

Young flyers get special attention on our flights, with tasty meals, nonstop entertainment, and toys and goodies to inspire the imagination.

[music playing throughout] [Emirates Fly with me Animals, Now on board]


Manta ray.

Hey Mia

Her tail is long and she has wings.

[A stuffed toy] 

[high-pitched squeal]

She has golden teeth.



A trunk.

Elephants have big ears.


He’s standing.

Aww . . . this is so fluffy.

[Emirates Fly with me Animals Now on board]


There are wild animals on board!

Meet our Emirates Fly With Me Animals

Little adventurers can share their journey with furry friends from around the world. Brett the bear, Mia the manta ray, ChaoChao the alligator, and Savannah the elephant have joined our growing Fly With Me Animals family on board. You can pick up the older members of the gang at the Emirates Official Store (opens an external website in a new tab) to complete your young explorer’s collection.

Children can wrap up in a blanket with their new buddy, use it as a bag, or attach a cuddly companion to their stroller when they’re on the move. And they can also explore our Fly With Me Animals magazine, which is full of puzzles, games and comes with colored pencils.

Inspiration for tomorrow’s explorers

Take a trip around the world with our kids’ packs.

We’ve teamed up with the travel experts at Lonely Planet Kids to create packs that inspire older children to explore more of the world.

Young explorers can delve into a retro, travel-themed bag or lunch cooler filled with educational books designed exclusively for our flights. Inside they’ll also find amazing world facts, creative crafts, and more. And kids can record memorable moments along the way in their travel journal.

It’s theirs to enjoy on the flight and take with them when they land.

[Happy music] [Girl sees plane on tarmac through the window.]

[Attendant kneels to give her a package. She assembles pieces.]

[Boy pops up with note, “Hi, I’m Leo.”]

[Boy and girl draw, play board game, smile.] [Attendant takes both to plane.]

[Attendant gives them travel-themed bag filled with activities.]

[Boy pulls out a book, girl is excited.] [They share postcards, activity books.]

[Boy puts sticker on girl’s face, smiling.] [Girl blows on a purple origami crane.]

[Paper folded into animal shapes.] [Drawing “happy” emotion in book.]

[Boy gives girl a thank you postcard.]

[Girl rejoins mom. Waves goodbye to boy.] Take a trip around the world with Emirates Fly With Me and Lonely Planet Kids.

Every travel themed bag is filled with educational books, creative activities and travel accessories designed exclusively for Emirates. Enjoy them on your next flight. EMIRATES FLY WITH ME

Families come first with our services for young flyers.

Enjoy extra comforts on your journey with us.

We give special consideration to the things you need to make your family trip comfortable and convenient. That’s why we have special family check-in desks at Dubai International airport, and we make sure families board first. Check in online in advance, drop off your bags up to 24 hours before your flight in Dubai, then pick up one of our complimentary strollers at Dubai International Airport and shop for kids’ treats at Duty Free.

In our airport lounges, you can use our mother and baby room to change and feed your little adventurer, and children can enjoy video games in our play areas.

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Tasty meals for your whole family

Our meals get the thumbs up from young flyers

Satisfy healthy appetites with our meals for children and babies.

Young flyers between 2 and 12 years old will love our range of children’s favorites. They’ll also get a snack box filled with treats to enjoy along the way. If your child has a special diet, tell us when you book and we’ll serve a meal that’s right for him or her.

Choose from our range of prepared baby meals, or if you’d prefer to bring your own, our cabin crew will help you with food and bottle warming.

Learn more about children's meals

No limits on fun

Boredom is banished on our flights with nonstop children’s entertainment.

Watch faces sport toothy grins with our dedicated children’s inflight entertainment. Kids can pop on their brightly colored headphones and choose from a huge collection of Disney favorites, the latest kids' TV shows, and popular cartoons that feed their imagination.

They can also challenge themselves or their friends to any of more than 100 exciting inflight games on our award-winning entertainment system, ice.

Capture special moments with our onboard camera. Ask our crew to snap your picture, and take home a framed photo of your adventures together.

Get rewarded for surfing the skies.

Enjoy extra treats as a Skywards Skysurfer.

Sign your child up to be a Skywards Skysurfer so he or she can enjoy the benefits of our Emirates Skywards frequent flyer program.

Young adventurers earn Skywards Miles as they fly. Spend them on great rewards, like free flights, Apple iPods, and free trips to Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai. We’ll also give Skysurfers extra special treatment—if your child likes the window seat, being a Skysurfer helps get him or her one. It’s easy and free to join.

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