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Biometric path

Instead of reaching for your passport or boarding pass at every point, you can walk seamlessly through the airport using biometric facial recognition.

All it takes to register is a quick photo at check-in to capture your facial data. Then you can breeze through the secure Biometric Smart Zones in Concourse B, Emirates Terminal 3 every time you’re in Dubai.

You can check-in, clear immigration, access our airport lounges in Concourse B, and board your flight at selected gates purely by facial recognition, with more points coming soon. 

Together with travel notifications from the Emirates App, you can enjoy a smooth and personalised journey from check-in to the boarding gate.

Self check-in kiosks

It’s easy and quick to check in for your flight using our self check in kiosks. Simply follow the step by step instructions on the touchscreen to complete the whole process without having to visit our desks.

Use our bag drop kiosks to check in your bags at the same time. You can also view your itinerary, choose your seat and add your Emirates Skywards number.

If you’ve already checked in online, you can use our kiosks to check in your bags.

How to use our self check-in kiosks

  • 1. Scan your passport
  • 2. Check in and print your bag tags
  • 3. Place your bags on the belt
  • 4. Collect your printed boarding pass

Smart Gates

If you’re a UAE citizen or resident, you can fly through the Smart Gates at immigration using just your UAE ID.

The Smart Gates are linked with the Emirates Identity Authority, so there’s no registration. Simply step into the Smart Gate, scan your ID, wait for a quick photo and speed through immigration every time you depart from Dubai.

If you forget your ID, use the Smart Gate to scan your passport and you’ll be on your way in no time.

Digital menus

Look forward to delicious dining on board. Browse through the menu in the Emirates App before you fly and open an offline version when you’re on board. Go to your Trips to see the dining and drinks options for your flight. 

You can also browse a contactless version of the menu through our OnAir Wi-Fi network. There’s no need to buy a Wi-Fi package - simply connect your device to the OnAir Wi-Fi network and open the portal in your browser. Scroll down to choose the menu for your travel class.

Book your COVID-19 test with the TrustOne app

The TrustOne app makes it easy to book your COVID-19 PCR tests and present your results wherever you travel, with preferential rates just for Emirates customers.

Find Eurofins labs around the world, book tests, check and compare fees and receive your results in the app to print and bring to check-in.

If you’re flying from Dubai, tests cost AED 130, or AED 235 if you prefer to be tested at home or your hotel. If you’re travelling from other countries, enjoy competitive rates of EUR 70 to EUR 90 (approximately AED 315 to AED 405).

The app is currently available for travel from the UK, France, UAE, and the Netherlands and will be expanded to more countries soon.

For now you’ll still need to print your test certificate and bring it to check-in.

Get the app for iOS and Android.

How to use the app

  • Download the TrustOne app for Android or iOS and register here.
  • Select Emirates in the app to enjoy preferential test rates.
  • Find a Eurofins lab and book your test.
  • Click My TrustOne ID in the app to see your unique QR code to present at the Eurofins facility.
  • The Eurofins team will scan the QR code and link your COVID-19 PCR test with your account.
  • Receive your results in the app. Download and print your negative test certificate to bring to check-in.

Frequently Asked Questions