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The sun-drenched Mediterranean paradise of Greece is a playground for the senses.

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Historically, Greece was the birthplace of philosophy and architecture. Today, its historical sights, natural beauty and welcoming locals make it one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. There’s no shortage of things to see and do, whether you’re taking in the majesty of the Acropolis in Athens, lying on a deserted beach on the island of Zante while baby turtles scuttle to the sea, or discussing the day’s events over a refreshing beverage.

Greece’s historical architecture is truly spectacular. In Mystras, the capital of Peloponnese in the 14th and 15th centuries, you’ll find atmospheric medieval ruins set in lush countryside. Then there’s 14th century Metéora, with its six monasteries suspended on the tops of pillars of rock.

Part of the charm of the Greek islands – and the reason they’re among the world’s most visited – is the fact they all offer something unique. Whether you’d like a tranquil escape or a party-fuelled week in the sun, one is sure to fit the bill.

But if it’s a lively holiday you’re after, visit Mykonos. Not only does it have the typically stunning Greek architecture set against a sparkling sea, there are enough stylish places to hang out to keep you entertained at all hours. Alternatively, one of the loveliest colour contrasts of land, beach and sea can be found in Myrtos, with its smooth marble pebble beaches and azure waters.

Then, for the most quintessentially Greek experience in terms of architecture and views, visit the stunning island of Santorini. It’s best known for picture-perfect houses with white-washed walls and distinctive blue roofs. In Santorini’s capital Fira, you’ll find beautiful hotels and great shopping options, all waiting to be explored.tavernas, all waiting to be explored.

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For many people, the main priority when their flight to Athens touches down is seeing legendary sites such as the Parthenon. But you should also experience modern Athens – shopping enthusiasts and foodies will love Varvakios Agora, while the upmarket Attica boutiques are the place to buy designer labels. And when the cultural sites and shops have been exhausted, there are plenty of nearby beaches on which to soak up some Mediterranean sun.
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