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Golf vacations

Tee off in some of the world’s best golf courses. Take a golf break to one of our top golfing destinations.

Every golfer knows the feeling – the green grass underfoot, the elation you feel after the perfect swing, and the final sensation of sinking the winning putt. Escape to a golf holiday for days filled with golfing, sun and ultimate relaxation.

Chase that ‘hole in one’ on some of the most challenging, scenic and prestigious golf courses in golf getaways across the globe. Whether for leisure or business, grab your clubs and get ready to hit the golf course.

Enjoy a hassle-free tee off on your next golf holiday. Fly with us to some amazing golf destinations, and enjoy our generous baggage allowance for sports equipment.

Whether you want culture, relaxation or a mix of both, you can create your perfect itinerary in Athens.
Travellers on flights to Bangkok can expect a city of contrasts; where skyscrapers and five-star hotels tower over ancient temples.
Can’t choose between a beach holiday and a city break? Hop on a flight to Barcelona and you’ll get both.
Flights to Cairo exhibit an elegant fusion of old and new: historical landmarks and modern architecture.
South Africa
From awe-inspiring beaches to five-star hotels, and gourmet cuisines to thrilling adventures, a visit to Cape Town won’t disappoint.
A visit to the largest city in Morocco will reward you with interesting architecture and restaurants galore.
United Arab Emirates
In just over 40 years, Dubai has become the face of modernity – where architectural wonders preside over glittering seas and record-breaking malls.
Dublin’s got so much history that you see it everywhere, from the eateries that date back centuries to the beautiful Trinity College.
From intimate streets to exciting, modern architectural developments, flights to Düsseldorf provide a fascinating peek into Germany.
United Kingdom
Flights to Edinburgh land you in a city of historical legends, mythical creatures and craggy castles.
There is no shortage of things to do in Frankfurt; a city that should be visited for its culture as much as its commerce.
United Kingdom
Scotland is a country that certainly knows how to enjoy itself, and no city in Scotland knows how to enjoy itself more than Glasgow.
World class cuisine, history and a vibrant counter culture – to put it simply, Hamburg has something for all ages and tastes.
Visit Istanbul to discover an incredibly diverse destination – where age-old sites sit amidst bustling bazars and high-end restaurants.
Best known for its sunshine and sandy beaches, Larnaca also houses some fascinating historical attractions for those willing to explore.
Visit Portugal’s capital to explore a destination that effortlessly blends fascinating, old-world charm with stunning modernity.
United Kingdom
Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Underground – it’s no wonder London remains one of the world’s most sought-after travel destinations.
Once one of France’s best-kept secrets, Lyon offers remarkable food, fantastic culture, gorgeous climate and fascinating history.
Is there paradise on Earth? When you land in Mauritius, you’ll realise you might have found it.
Flights to Mexico City take you on an adventure for the senses, with sights, sounds and tastes, both familiar and new.
Flights to Milan will bring you to a city that is constantly evolving, with new attractions seemingly popping up overnight.
Not only does Munich boast more theatres and art galleries than any other city in Germany, it has some of the loveliest architecture too.
Nice’s reputation was largely built on its weather, and its long, hot summers and mild winters make it a perfect destination.
One of the world’s most loved cities, explore Paris to enjoy architectural wonders, gourmet food and unparalleled artistic treasures.
Czech Republic
Prague’s exquisite beauty can be seen without entering a single attraction – it’s the gorgeous architecture and breath-taking views that enchant visitors.
Whether your passion is paintings or pizza, Rome will have something to whet your appetite.
There’s no doubt about it – the Swedish capital is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
It’s true that flights to Tel Aviv bring you to a party destination by the sea. But that’s just one aspect of the city’s vibrant personality.
Tunis is a tranquil yet bustling city that packs a punch – visit to indulge in culture, hammams and astonishing cuisine.