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Partnership with First TransPennine Express

Combine your flight and rail ticket

Now it’s easier for you to plan your journey to and from Manchester Airport.

Fly with us to and from Manchester and connect to the airport by train with First TransPennine Express. Book your entire journey with us and pay one fare from your departure point through to your final destination.


First TransPennine Express offers direct train services from Manchester Airport (MAN) to York, Preston, Lancaster, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Or to Manchester Piccadilly for connections to direct train services to or from Sheffield and Liverpool.

How to book

You can book your First TransPennine Express tickets on, an online travel agency or any travel agent. 

When you book your journey, simply select the respective city as departure or destination as you would if you were booking a normal flight. You’ll find a combination of trains and flights that match your search criteria. First Transpennine Express trains will either have an EK flight number between 3037 and 3050 or 9B flight number between 6400 and 6599.

General check-in process

You can check in up to 9 passengers in one transaction. Each passenger in your booking must present their ticket for boarding.

For additional information on travelling on your selected ground operator and how to check-in, please visit:

Terms and conditions

  • Both First Class and Economy Class tickets are valid on any departure on the date shown on the ticket, and is valid for use within 48 hours of the travel date marked on the ticket. 
  • The tickets are open tickets, so passengers can choose any available seat on board any departure on the date shown on the ticket. 
  • Emirates baggage allowance policies will apply.