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Travel to Toronto


Last Look, Toronto

1 May 2014

Brian A Richards, 30, fashion show producer for The Collections, Downtown, Toronto

I always loved Toronto. I’m from the suburbs and always dreamed of living here. It’s a little big city. It feels very grand but very conquerable. I’m in downtown Toronto today taking a break from the fashion shows, and then I’m going back in to oversee production elements.
This area is unique because there are so many restaurants and theatres. We are right by Roy Thompson Hall, which has fantastic programmes to hear music and so on. I would describe my style as urban pioneer. Essentially, I like to play up our Canadian heritage, things that make us signature Toronto, and then apply them to urban modern style. It’s overcast today, mixed weather, so I wanted to wear something exposed but not exposed. I put on my one piece and then layered accordingly. 



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