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Barcelona - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with Albert Adrià

1 May 2014

Former elBulli chef Albert Adrià’s Barcelona-based restaurants Tickets and 41° Experience both recently earned Michelin stars. He shares his favourite places to eat in the Catalan capital


In Spain we don’t have much of a breakfast culture. And, honestly, because I spend the whole day eating and sampling, the last thing I want to do is go and eat a big breakfast. During the week I have a strawberry and banana smoothie before work. But, for me, the perfect way to begin the day is with an Iberian ham sandwich and a half pint of beer. I spend most of my time working near La Boqueria, so I often go to El Quim or Pinotxo Bar inside the market. For a sweet breakfast I head to Escribà or Granja M Viader; I love their ‘bikini’ (ham and cheese sandwich). 

Granja M Viader Carrer d’en Xuclà 6
Tel: +34 93 318 3486


At Suculent they serve the ‘real’ Catalan and Spanish food that tourists are after: traditional and authentic tapas. I don’t order when I go there; I trust the chef and let him choose. Vermouth is like a religion for me, and I always start with it at Suculent, along with some chips and olives. It’s a pre-meal moment to catch up with friends. Around 2.30pm we move on to the main courses. 

Rambla del Raval 43
Tel: +34 93 443 6579


Unlike most Spaniards, dinner is the most important meal of the day for me. Also, I eat early, at 8pm. If I go out for dinner with a group of friends, I always choose a Spanish restaurant, but if it’s just my wife and me, we change it up and try new things. One of my favourite places nearby is Dos Palillos (Japanese-Spanish tapas), run by Albert Raurich, who was with us at elBulli. They serve some of the most sophisticated food in Spain. 

Dos Palillos Carrer d’Elisabets 9
Tel: +34 93 304 0513



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