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Last Look, Berlin

1 November 2014

Hannah Graves, 29, Manager AKA Berlin, Pflugerstrasse, Neukolln

I have lived in Berlin for two years. It’s the greatest city in the world! I have a great quality of life here. I love everything about it. It’s so diverse and interesting – it’s impossible to be bored in Berlin. I work here in Pflugerstrasse, so I am just getting ready to start my day – but not before a coffee. I manage a tattoo studio, which is also an art gallery, and I’m also a body piercer. This area is really vibrant; you see something that will make you smile every day – it’s quirky. The number of different people from very different walks of life all mixing together makes this area unique. My style is heavily influenced by British sub-cultures – Punks and Mods. I like to mix it up and make it a bit more preppy, though. You will usually see me in black, because it’s easy. When you have a lot of tattoos it’s quite hard to wear a lot of colours or patterns. I always wear skirts or dresses. I hardly ever wear jeans, but never go anywhere without some sort of denim jacket. I like to customise them with patches and badges so they are unique to me. akaberlin.com



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