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Rome - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with Cristina Bowerman

1 October 2014

Cristina Bowerman, head chef at Rome’s Glass Hostaria, reveals her favourite places to eat in the Italian capital


Coromandel is not your typical breakfast spot in Rome, and that’s why it has become a favourite of almost all who eat there. The pancakes are fabulous with eggs when you want something hearty to start your day. If you are looking for something sweet, then look no further than the French toast with fruit and maple syrup, or if you want to stick to a typical Roman breakfast, grab one of the wonderful croissants and a cappuccino.There is no outside seating, and you have to get off the main roads to find it, but the atmosphere and the food are well worth the effort. 

Coromandel 60/61
Via di Monte Giordano, 60 / 61
Tel: +39 6 6880 2461


When the sun is out, you can’t beat La Baia, with its sea breeze and beach view. I like to sit with a cold drink and eat spaghetti with clams – it really is the best ever, and you won’t find a better fish restaurant on the beach in Lazio. But when the cold sets in I would have to recommend Tastevin. Daniele makes you feel so at home, but he only serves what he has that day. You are in safe hands, though, and it means each time you have a unique dining experience. 

La Baia di Fregene 1
Via Silvi Marina
Tel: +39 6 6656 1647

16 Via Ciro Menotti
Tel: +39 6 3973 7624


Il Pagliaccio is the best and most innovative restaurant in town. Antony Genovese is an incredible head chef who juggles many different influences, especially Asian, to create incredible cuisine that is bursting with personality. The dish that is seared into my mind with this restaurant is the oyster, chamomile and stracciatella. 

You can have a taster menu or choose from the al la carte, where you will find crunchy red prawns with red pepper and watermelon or foie gras biscuit, peach and tamarillo. It’s nestled in the heart of Rome and there are only 11 tables, which makes for an intimate and elegant experience.

Il Pagliaccio 129/a
Via dei Banchi Vecchi
Tel: +39 6 6880 9595



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