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Meet the Emirates Virtual Assistants

At Emirates, we want every part of your travel experience with us to be the very best. So when we decided to introduce technology to our customer support family, it needed to meet the standard of friendly service that you’re used to from our real staff - both at the airport and in the sky. 

Meet Leo, Emma, Tom and Lara – the new Emirates Virtual Assistants. Although they aren’t multi-lingual just yet, they all speak perfect English, and just like our onboard crew, they’re happy to help make your travel experience a great one.

Meet the team

We are excited to introduce our English speaking Virtual Assistants – who have joined our customer support team to help with your travel queries.
  • Emma

  • Leo

  • Lara

  • Tom

How it works

We created our Assistants using self-learning technology. This means that the more questions you ask, the more our Assistants can learn to provide the best answers so you can have a hassle-free journey. 

Because our Assistants are still learning, they might not be able to help with everything. When this happens, we’ll put you in touch with one of our Live chat consultants. We believe that’s the best way to Fly Better.

  • What they can do

    Our Assistants are as friendly and helpful as the rest of the Emirates family. They’re especially good with questions about re-booking, services on your upcoming flights, like menus and entertainment, staying updated on which destinations we are flying to and finding your way around the Emirates website.

    Coronavirus travel support 

    We know many customers are looking for guidance relating to the coronavirus pandemic at the moment. You can use the Virtual Assistant to ask a question about topics such as where we are flying, how to apply to travel and rebooking your travel with confidence.

  • Tailored answers for Skywards customers

    As an Emirates Skywards member, you can quickly and easily get the information you need. Just log into your account before opening a chat session, and our Virtual Assistants will provide you more personalised assistance about your upcoming flights.

    We will only use the email address you provide during the chat session to send you a copy of your conversation. Any booking information you provide is confidential and data protected.